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: brake pads fitting

15-06-2005, 17:02
hi guys trying to fit new pads on my corsas front brakes and thay came with all these clips two bolts do they slide out or something?
have not started on it yet as looks different on my astra gte as they pop in to the calipers

cheers :)

15-06-2005, 17:06
i think they slide out :?

but check in the tutorials mate :thumbs:

16-06-2005, 10:12
The 2 bolts are replacement bolts for where the caliper fixes to the braket, as for the clips they are for there the brake pads slide in the caliper. If u look at the pads u will see to extra bits of metal sticking out at each end, now look at the caliper and find the 2 ends im speaking about and u will see the 2 clips, they just pop out and and just there it's easyer for the pads to slide and not rust to the caliper thus impairing brake performance.

16-06-2005, 10:15

tutorial ^^^^