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: Lowering springs

Corsa Wheels
02-07-2004, 14:11
Just a couple of quick questions about lowering if I may…

Ok, firstly, thinking of getting a set of springs that lower the car by 40mm.. I know the clue is in the name, but will these springs actually make the body of my car 40mm closer to the ground? (hence getting rid of the nasty wheel arch gaps..)

Will a corsa C with 15 inch alloys and 185/55 rubber still be able to get full steering lock with a 40mm drop? Also, will I feel a noticeable reduction in body roll on corners or will the car be too twitchy on our dodgy roads?

Lastly, am I likely to find any problems with doing this? Any bad stories about fitting springs ? fanks for your help, I just wanna be sure b4 I do this to my braaaaaaand new car that ive just spent my hard earned eleven grand on!!!

02-07-2004, 14:34
firstly mate yes they will lower the car 40mm hence 40mm lowering springs lol, yes the arch gap will dissapear however not so much with 15" alloys as on the sxi, if you had 17" then it would look very much lower, however will still look low mate.

You shouldnt have any problems mate depends what springs you buy, i have just bought some 30mm eibach springs(best you can get) and i too have a new corsa well 03 reg, so yes mate its definatly worth doing as it will decrease body roll and enable much better cornering and handling.

hope that helped mate

02-07-2004, 14:36
p.s lowering 40mm on the standard 15" wheels wont make any difference to you steering lock etc, thats only if you increase the size of your wheels, on a corsa you can lower it 40mm with 17" wheels and it wont rub so your safe

Lightec Autostyle
02-07-2004, 14:37
It'd be very close to the ground on 15s with a 40mm drop I should imagine. Would have to watch them speed ramps, particularly if you have a lower spoiler or anything