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: High milage oil

06-06-2009, 13:22

wondering if anyone can tell me what type of oil is best for a high milage petrol 1.2?

as I've been told mines too thin 10 40


06-06-2009, 18:25
Who told you 10W-40 was too thin? They don't have a clue :lol:

10w-40 is already thicker than the recommended oil for your car. It should have 5W-30 in it ideally.

People only say to use thicker oil in older engines to cover up problems related to lack of maintenance. Thicker oils won't leak as easily past old seals and it covers up tapping sounds if things aren't running quite right. These problems shouldn't be covered up by thick oil, they should be fixed if they are present.

Ignore whoever told you to use thicker oil and either stick to 5W-30 or your current 10W-40.

How many miles has your engine done anyway?

Stevie b
06-06-2009, 20:54
What he said.
People will say use a thicker oil to reduce the noise from the timing chain. but a thicker oil will not protect the rest of the engine enough especially from cold starts.
A high mileage z12xe will be a noisy engine. Just turn the radio up:shrug:
Stick with the 10w-40 it's already a bit thicker than recommended. Change it regularly and it will be fine.
The only other option is to use a good high quality PROPER synthetic oil e.g. silkolene pro S or shell Helix ultra. This is not really necessary unless you're going to thrash it everywhere.
I run a high mileage 1.2 (130,000miles) and I use Fuchs titan supersyn 5w-40.

06-06-2009, 20:57
i use castrol edge 5w-30 in mine, i got 82K on the clock

06-06-2009, 21:35
ah i see, thanks people

I was thinking this so i might just have an oil change, but put new 10 40 back in:)

Mine has done 107K lol

Cheers people