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: How to do the pedal test?

14-11-2010, 16:37
I am aware that there is a way of finding out engine fault codes through some sort of pedal test? I have looked on here but cant find a tutorial or an article on it, can anyone help me out?

14-11-2010, 16:38
Comment ten :)

14-11-2010, 17:32
tried that, it doesnt work.

14-11-2010, 17:32
what happens?

14-11-2010, 17:33
tried that, it doesnt work.

it should do
sure u did it right?

before you put the key into the ignition Make sure that you Press the Break and the Throttle to the Floor ( max
Then turn the key on until The dash board come on and DONT START THE CAR
Wait 2 sec and keep the pedals Down to the floor
the service light under the management light should start flashing

14-11-2010, 17:39
nothing happens......Ive followed those exact instructions. I've got as far as the spanner light flashing but only after locking and unlocking the car whilst im in it. But after that there is no sign of any codes, Im guessing their meant to come up in the display on the dash.

14-11-2010, 17:42
the code is that light flashing

flash 10 times = 0
flash 1 times = 1
flash 2 times = 2
flash 3 times = 3

So code would be 0123 for example.

write down the number of flashes you get. That's the code :)

14-11-2010, 17:43
No, the car with spanner flashes.. if it just continues to flash, you have no faults.
If you have fault you have to count the flashes to make out the code number

0= 10 flashes
2= 2 etc
so say it flashes 10 times *gap* flashes 1 *gap flashes 10 times *gap* flashes 10 times = 0100

14-11-2010, 18:04
what if you have more than one fault code?

14-11-2010, 18:05
then it will continue flashing, but will still have gaps

14-11-2010, 18:40
cheers for the help guys, it turned out to be- 1555 in the end. sounds like an ecu problem.