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: Thinking of ways to get a good sound setup

01-07-2012, 13:35
Hey everyone, I would like to have a good boot setup that has some good volume but is pretty decent sound quality. I am thinking that if I get a setup like this

2 x
powered by 1 x

The subs are 4Ohm each and are 350w RMS so if I run them in Parallel I can get a 2Ohm impedance. The amplifier has 700w RMS power @ 2Ohm so that would be the perfect match wouldn't it??

Anyway each of the 2 subs would be put in ported box's on opposite sides of the boot with the amplifier in the middle.

Would it be okay to port one to be high volume at 35Hz and then one at 60Hz so that I get a nice high volume all across the bass range??

Here is the tech spec sheet for those subwoofers - (

It should be pretty loud shouldn't it?? Also 700w RMS how many amps of power do you recon that would need and what thickness power cable would you recommend??

Any help with this would be brilliant. Thanks, Jack

01-07-2012, 17:45
Why not just buy one decent sub and have that? Those JBL's are tat!

Personally I would go for SPL D 800d or a B2 Quota running something like a pair of B2 Audio or Ground Zero 8s or a 10's, or a single Ascendant Audio want decent sound will not get it with the JBLs!

No, dont port one sub higher than the other...just buy a decent sub in the first place which is in the CORRECT box designed by someone who knows what they are doing and you will be fine.

4g cable will be fine for upto 1200-1500wrms. 0g will be better on the top of the scale though

01-07-2012, 18:26
thoght jbl stood for just bloody loud
jl is the sort stuff you want or as above ;p

01-07-2012, 19:34
Okay so are their amplifiers any good then?? or would I have to go with a different brand for that as well?? I mean here is a ground zero amp that costs more but has 150w less RMS power at 4Ohm.

01-07-2012, 19:48 pay for what you you think an amp that says it will do 1000wrms for 49.99 will actually do it? You have to think logically when it comes to is cheap for a reason! Would you own a Ferrari and put Halfords brake pads on the car? They will stop you yes...but for how long ;)

EVerything I recommend or ever sold have always exceeded customers expectations...they are also products that I would use MYSELF...and if it wasnt good enough for me...why would I expect a potential customer/friend etc to use it...

I use SPL Dynamics ICE 150.4's in my Focus which replaced my 1000 Mosconi amps!! I ran SPL Dynamics mono blocks in my Previa...The entry level B2 equipment we run in various cars now including my demo cars...same goes for GZ...

If you want to buy cheaper subs and do a boot build for looks...then look at the entry level GZ subs which are cheap and cheerful as well...or you could pour all that money into a decent single sub install...

Choice is yours

01-07-2012, 19:49
thoght jbl stood for just bloody loud
jl is the sort stuff you want or as above ;p

They dont even go 'that' loud....maybe when you run like 12 of them lol

01-07-2012, 20:22
They dont even go 'that' loud....maybe when you run like 12 of them lol
i know it just peps seem to get confused between the 2 make one is decent the other not so lol

01-07-2012, 20:29
Well I am not an extreme audio nut that wants to spend like hundreds but I suppose my setup above works out about 279.97 plus then I would need two 10" sub box's which are another 25 each on Caraudiodirect. And then a 4awg wiring kit which would be another 20 are these any good? -

In total that would be 350 so now I am gonna price on up within that budget with the good quality stuff.

01-07-2012, 20:35
stick to one 12" sub can allways get another if you want when you can aford

01-07-2012, 20:42
Okay, So what about This subwoofer - in parallel to get the 1Ohm impedance.
Here is the specs for that subwoofer -

And then power it with this amplifier -
this is the technical specs for that -
Not sure what the RMS is at 1Ohms as it doesn't say for sure whether the 850 is peak or RMS. I think it is RMS would that blow the subwoofer having 350w RMS more than the sub can take??

01-07-2012, 20:49
intesting sub tbh i havent heard any ground zero stuff but that looks more spl than sq
what do you what outa your setup
what tunes you listen to
and rem you build up a GOOD setup over time

01-07-2012, 20:52
Yeah I was thinking it does look really chunky lol. Urm tbh I want the middle of the road. I want it so that when I turn it up it is like car shaking loud but then when I turn it down it can be subtle and quite smooth sounding. if u know what i mean.

01-07-2012, 20:53
what is listen to is anything from Dubstep stuff all the way to old rock such as guns n roses or led zepplin lol.

01-07-2012, 21:01
12" sub will be nuff then
pm teamspb he well help you sort out a good setup for a good price dont know off anyone who has had bad dealings with him but just dont use good and jbl in same sentance again lol

01-07-2012, 21:39
i dont y u get so hung up about the rms of things lol.

350 budget for a sub amp and box i would be going downt the 1 12 route witha good sub, as teamspb has stated or imo a dc audio or sundown would be good in there too

02-07-2012, 00:08
For slightly more money, you can also get an Ascendant Audio Arsenal 12 with a B2 audio Quota or SPL Dynamics ICE 800d...which would be a FAR better deal!

I have used the GZ in a few installs...if you want to use the GZ, then go for the SPL D amp mentioned above...much better than the GZ...I should know...I use both lol

02-07-2012, 16:35
So this subwoofer -
Then this amplifier -
In a ported box?? Could I dual port it to tune it to 2 different frequency's or is that not possible??

Thanks for the help :)

02-07-2012, 16:48
Or for another 10 I could have that same amplifier powering this subwoofer which even though looks the same and has the same voice coil size it can handle 1000w RMS not 500w RMS which sounds worth the difference :S

03-07-2012, 09:47
Well GZ are known for not taking their rated power for prolonged periods of time...

That particular GZ sub (SPL) features the SAME motor as the cheaper where does the extra 500wrms come from ;)

I would still lean towards the more expensive version but people have tested it and found not to give it more than around 700-800wrms or the coil begins to let go...

This is where the more expensive subwoofers shine....give the AA Arsenal 1000-1500wrms daily and it will run perfectly fine...its the raw materials used in the expensive drivers which sets them worlds apart from anything else out there....

Check this link out

You will see the AA Arsenal take around 4-6k of power for a burp and go louder than all other subs in its class including DC, TC Sounds, DD, Powerbass, Memphis etc etc...look at the comments...


DDZ did a 158.6dB, Atmos EXO did a 157.1dB, DD9515 did a 155.5dB, Ascendant Arsenal did a 155.3dB, T3 t2000 did a 154.1dB, T3 t600 did a 153.4dB, DD1515 did a 152.0dB, Powerbass 2xl did a 151.5dB, Powerbass M154 did a 151.5dB, Memphis pr15 did a 150.1dB

The Arsenal is on par with a DD9515 which is UBER expensive!!!

03-07-2012, 17:15
no mention of dc on there to be fair. the dc and aa imo are pretty similar matched

03-07-2012, 17:53
What if I just got a lower powered amplifier and used the Ground Zero yellow sub??

03-07-2012, 17:57
i think peps are trying to say is get the aa or poss a good dc

03-07-2012, 19:49
Where would I even get one of them and how much are they and what are the proper names for them?

03-07-2012, 20:32
ascendant audio or dc audio.