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: Water leak

11-12-2006, 18:21
I have a water leak in drivers footwell and seems to be coming in from the bulkhead part which is behind the pedals/dash and engine bay (behind brake servo black metal panel which has sealant around it). Anyone have the same problem and if so how much repair bill will be!.


13-12-2006, 18:56
If ayone else has this problem it seems to be the bulkhead is needing sealant reapplied behind the pedals

13-12-2006, 19:04
i had a leak in passengers side this was one of the grommets come out of the inside on the inside under the bonnet, if makes sense

13-12-2006, 22:15
I had the same problem in my old corsa B, grommet had been drilled for wires to be ran through and had not been covered so water was getting in. Just need to get a new grommet or just cover it up.

15-12-2006, 18:42

this is where water seems to be coming in :( any ideas where i can get same sealant

21-01-2008, 16:59
i have a leak coming in from some where behine the cluch pedal did u get youyr leak sorted mate

05-12-2009, 15:43
old thread but thought id update all those ppl with water probs
I had bad water leak and found leak on seal as shown in the picture above. Mine was on other side though. Pulled all plastics off and re sealed it with silicone sealant and had been fine for a while now without a drop of water getting into car.

26-12-2009, 18:49

this is where water seems to be coming in :( any ideas where i can get same sealant
if ya look on down at the bottom of the servo at the bulk head there is like a sponge type seal look at the very bottom c if the seal is all cracked up i jus filled mines with sealler and it seems to have fixed it.

27-12-2009, 14:38
im havin this exact same problem now, i took my amp wire thru this gromet, and thort it was that so ive sealed it with silicone but iits obviously not that because its still taking water in, im goin to check this seal ur talking about tomorrow in the garage, whats the best way to get the carpet dry tho? mines soaking...

27-12-2009, 15:07
anyone else kna anything about this?

27-12-2009, 15:52
bummmmmp :?

27-12-2009, 18:18

28-12-2009, 11:26
am goin to have a go at sealing this today, anyone kna the best way to get the carpet dry, otherwise im not going to be able to tell if ive sealed it or not

28-12-2009, 12:18
bump upa

29-12-2009, 18:11
Could be awkward but you could try using a hair dryer to dry the carpet. Try putting the heaters on in the car aswell and point them towards the foot wells providing this is where the leak is.

30-12-2009, 21:34
cheers for the advice, sealed the seal again, and the carpet seems to be drying out, had the heaters on full blast for 2 days, hopfully this has sorted it

30-12-2009, 21:56
i had water in my drivers side footwell took it to garage sed heater metrix ad gne n iz leakin big job to do aswell jst fort id let u no wa appened 2 mine incase it still leaks

31-12-2009, 12:29
Hi. I have the same problem. Massive leak in drivers side footwell,but is spreading to the back drivers side now! I have been told the heater metrix ! Is this a big job and how much at the garage?

01-01-2010, 23:21
sounds like your heater matrix.. good luck they're a ball ache