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How Do I remove My Seats?

Front Rear *** In Progress ***

How do I remove the Door Cards?

Remove the 3 screws along the bottom of the door card.

Remove the torx screw in the middle of the door handle.

Wind the window down and remove the tweeter cover. there's another screw hiding behind there.

The final screw is hiding behind the door lever surround. A small screw driver pops that off allowing access to the final screw.

Now, pull the door card away from the bottom, popping the plastic clips off. When you have unclipped them all, lift the door card from the back so that the rubber seal along the top leaves the door. This strip has some tight clips so don't be scared to lift quite firmly.

Unclip your electric windows wires from the switch and remove the door card from the car. You know have unrestricted access to the insides of your door.

My car displays INSP. What does it mean? what can I do?

INSP is short for inspection and is the service indicator for your car.

You have two options. you can take it to a garage if you genuinly need a service, but sometimes it just shoes up at the wrong time.
If this is the case, a simple procedure will see it gone
press button A (center/left side of intrument cluster)
switch ignition on
the display will flash for 2 seconds
keep button A depressed untill '---' appers in the display
release button A
switch ignition off.

press and hold button A (center/left side of instrument cluter. aprox after 3 seconds the letters 'insp 0' will appear in the display.
continue holding button A, depress the brake pedal and switch the ignition on.
the letters 'insp ---' will start flashing in the display to be replaced after approx 10 seconds with the message 'insp xxxxx m'
release button A, brake pedal and switch off the ignition.

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