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  2. Sticky Thread Sticky: Post Your Exhaust

    Thread produced to show the range of exhausts available for the corsa (or others if you fancy). Idea is to save people searching about and posting threads all the time asking which exhaust/what noise etc. Anyway, post up a vid of the exhaust, say what it is (irmy, sportex etc) and what...

    Started by Craig_CorsaC‎, 13-01-2011 18:48
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    • Replies: 380
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  3. Sticky Thread Sticky: Rolling Road Results

    This sticky is for members to post up their recent rolling road results. Please use the following format. Graph: Peak Power(bhp) at engine/wheels: 98.32 / 77.72 Peak Torque (lb-ft): 79.72

    Started by gtc‎, 24-01-2008 10:45
    28 Pages
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    • Replies: 693
    • Views: 116,200
    24-06-2015, 23:00 Go to last post
  4. Sticky Thread Sticky: The influence of RON on engine performance

    The arguments: a) Using a higher RON fuel will prevent engine knock b) Using a higher RON fuel will give me better performance c) Using a higher RON fuel will give me better economy The answers a) Keeping this simple, let's say YES. There are situations where this is not the case but it...

    Started by gtc‎, 24-05-2012 12:08
    • Replies: 16
    • Views: 10,196
    09-02-2015, 18:55 Go to last post
  5. Sticky Thread Sticky: Common Mechanical Problems

    I've decided to make this thread as there are countless threads asking the same questions about the same threads so thought it would be a good idea to have them all in one easy to read thread. Gear Linkage Symptoms Difficulty getting the car into first, second and sometimes reverse...

    Started by mike_s‎, 02-11-2009 19:15
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    • Replies: 35
    • Views: 144,326
    01-06-2014, 15:07 Go to last post
  6. Sticky Thread Sticky: PLEASE STICKY: Oil/Headgasket Advice

    OK hi.. as i have noticed alot of threads about Headgaskets, oil colour, oil gunk, water leaks etc... and noticed their is not a thread to give some helpful advice... although their is some good posts with good advice.. thought id try put it all in one place :) isntead of repeated posts on "this...

    Started by Corsa-C-Luke‎, 10-02-2011 21:56
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    • Replies: 41
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  7. Sticky Thread Sticky: How to do the pedal test and what the Fault codes mean

    edited by pugh125k This tutorial will tell you simply how to check any fault codes logged in your car, in a cheap cost effective way without the hassle of paying a garage £50 for a diagnostic check Tools No specialist tools are needed, only 2 working feet are required, 30 seconds of your...

    Started by Dan_RSi‎, 17-04-2008 19:04
    13 Pages
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    • Replies: 310
    • Views: 536,732
    27-05-2013, 17:41 Go to last post
  8. Sticky Thread Sticky: INFO : Warning Light Symbol Meanings


    Started by alex4678‎, 10-06-2012 21:00
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 9,570
    10-06-2012, 21:01 Go to last post
  9. Sticky Thread Sticky: Mechanical Section Useful Threads

    Sensors Exhaust / Air Filters Vauxhall Fault Codes Spanner Light Help

    Started by Ian‎, 16-12-2008 22:01
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    • Views: 16,152
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  1. Gearlinkage play?

    My gear linkage knocks when I change gear or rattle the gearstick about. I have noticed the bit arrowed which bolts to the subframe (I think) has loads of play in it. Should it have loads of play and if not how easy and what part needs to be replaced?

    Started by lee gsi‎, Today 07:08
    • Replies: 2
    • Views: 17
    Today, 11:07 Go to last post
  2. Corsa C Timing Chain Advice

    Hi all I purchased this pesky car (Corsa C 2005 1.2 16v Z12XEP) on Monday! Have mainly had Vauxhalls, but this is my first Corsa! First proper drive happened this morning on first day back at work. On the way to work (20 miles each way) at junctions it started to sound like a diesel, and on...

    Started by harveybean‎, 18-05-2017 21:22
    2 Pages
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    • Replies: 25
    • Views: 303
    Yesterday, 05:29 Go to last post
  3. Corsa C oil leak advise

    Hi Guys, first of all i'm not very mechanically minded with cars so apologies if I come across as a bit thick, Just looking for a bit of advice, I've recently had an oil leak, Started noticing a few small patches of oil under the driver side part of the engine. It became obvious after googling...

    Started by robbo87‎, 20-05-2017 08:20
    • Replies: 4
    • Views: 94
    21-05-2017, 19:25 Go to last post
  4. corsa c v6 wiring, driveshafts etc

    Hi, i'm Andy and am hoping a few people might be able to offer some valuable information to help. To give you some background, I was originally trained as multiskilled engineer, so I know my way around mechanical and electrical systems, I have for the past 6 years worked as a software...

    Started by andyV6‎, 14-05-2017 19:28
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 96
    14-05-2017, 20:44 Go to last post
  5. 1.3 cdti coolant leaking

    Hello, My 1.3cdti from 2005 with engine code y13dt is leaking al little bit coolant from the waterpump. I will change the waterpump should i replace the timing chain to or is that not necessary ?

    Started by adem83‎, 09-05-2017 22:43
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 119
    12-05-2017, 02:55 Go to last post
  6. Hub/Castle Nut Completely stuck! Options?

    Tried changing the NSF drive shaft as the one I have is shagged (see video). But the hub/castle nut is completely seized. Tried penetrative oil, blow torch and a great big breaker bar. Nothing. Is it possible to take out the drive shaft with the break pad still attached? Or should I just...

    Started by Ste M‎, 11-04-2017 11:25
    • Replies: 20
    • Views: 384
    04-05-2017, 08:10 Go to last post
  7. Failed MOT

    Hi guys, could use some help with this! Just went in for an early MOT test and came back with a failure. Main reasons being failed exhaust emissions test and the parking brake. Exhaust has a major leak of exhaust gases Exhaust emissions lambda reading after 2nd fast idle outside specified...

    Started by MrPie‎, 24-04-2017 14:14
    • Replies: 16
    • Views: 318
    03-05-2017, 15:02 Go to last post
  8. Arp stud size

    Hi guys can I please ask what size or kit you need to convert the head to arp stud and bolt set up on a z18xe Many thanks darren

    Started by Chemical Wong‎, 01-11-2016 19:52
    • Replies: 4
    • Views: 218
    29-04-2017, 19:26 Go to last post
  9. Hybrid turbo for 1.7cdti

    Is there anywhere i can get an hybrid turbo for an facelift 1.7cdti ? Thanks in advance Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk

    Started by Tim2701‎, 29-04-2017 18:44
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 62
    29-04-2017, 18:44 Go to last post
  10. Corsa c inner cv joint

    Hi folks, My lovely corsa developed another issue today. As I was driving i felt that my front left wheel was somehow shaking so I stopped the car to check what's going on and found out that the clip that was holding the inner cv joint boot was hanging at the middle of the cv. Then i noticed...

    Started by martineca‎, 27-03-2017 21:32
    • Replies: 18
    • Views: 504
    22-04-2017, 04:51 Go to last post
  11. Water Pump

    Hello guys. Noticed a leak under the bonnet today and one of the pipes has basically come off. I have no idea why. It's simply just sitting on top of where it usually is rather than being secured in. It's the smooth, thin black pipe in the picture. Forgive me for being stupid, but is that the water...

    Started by HaydnWHU‎, 20-04-2017 16:28
    • Replies: 6
    • Views: 115
    21-04-2017, 11:18 Go to last post
  12. Corsa 1.7 DI - Error codes but the car feels and drives fine!

    Hello everyone, i am relatively new here and have almost no mechanical experience and i'm rendering myself clueless when it comes to cars, i bought this car a few months back and its a brilliant little runner, it starts straight away, does not lose power (unless its uphill haha) and has covered...

    Started by Howarthhd‎, 19-02-2017 19:20
    • Replies: 8
    • Views: 187
    19-04-2017, 20:14 Go to last post
  13. A14NET Turbo into Z14XEP

    Hi All, As stated by Warren G in this post I think that the exhaust manifold of an A14XER will fit into a Z14XEP. And since A14NET is a turbod A14XER the exhaust manifold of an A14NET may fit a Z14XEP as well? If this is correct, i am stuck with the turbo used in th A14NET manifold which got...

    Started by hassyEG‎, 23-02-2017 09:44
    2 Pages
    1 2
    • Replies: 44
    • Views: 1,189
    19-04-2017, 16:38 Go to last post
  14. Corsa C oil pressure light......

    The wife's car today displayed the oil pressure light on the dash, this momentarily at first then came on when the car stopped. Hasn't done it since but the missus uses the car as a daily commute for work. Now I've had a look and there is fresh oil collecting around the sun frame as you look...

    Started by V6spime‎, 13-04-2017 19:56
    • Replies: 16
    • Views: 266
    15-04-2017, 07:40 Go to last post
  15. Corsa Rattling Sound Help!

    Alright lads, a couple of days ago I started up my car to hear a rattling sound. I looked underneath my car to find a piece of metal hanging off toward the front of the vehicle. I was just wondering if anyone knows whether it's important have the heat shield or no - I'm in two minds of just ripping...

    Started by louie1‎, 13-04-2017 14:29
    • Replies: 7
    • Views: 217
    14-04-2017, 10:33 Go to last post
  16. Corsa C Just had

    Hi all, I have just had all new track rod ends and disks and pads and anti roll links and all was good till I came to a stop and now I'm getting a shake and grinding from brake pelal when I come to a stop, It is ok slowing down but when I come to a stop thats when I get the shake and grinding noise...

    Started by Cable man‎, 12-04-2017 17:55
    • Replies: 3
    • Views: 148
    13-04-2017, 12:30 Go to last post
  17. ECU compatibility

    Does anybody know if the ECU on a Z14XEP is compatibile with one off a Z12XEP ?

    Started by trishagirl‎, 12-04-2017 17:56
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 98
    12-04-2017, 21:26 Go to last post
  18. Corsa ticking

    Hi guys looking at buying a 04 corsa, it's got 60 000 roughly on clock. Mate ran the oil low and when he put more oil in he put the wrong type in, this has caused a loud ticking noise? He only wants naff all for it, I'm thinking of flushing and changing the oil would anyone else recommend anything...

    Started by ep391‎, 03-04-2017 16:52
    • Replies: 22
    • Views: 301
    09-04-2017, 20:21 Go to last post
  19. Combo C, 1.3CDTI > 1.7CDTI Conversion

    One of my camshafts has sheared in 3 pieces on my combo 1.3 and the egnine is basically a write off. What would i need exactly to put the 1.7cdti (100bhp) in please guys?

    Started by Cannon94‎, 08-04-2017 12:24
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 94
    08-04-2017, 12:24 Go to last post
  20. 06 Z12XEP dead spot on acceleration

    This is a question for my brother so it's his description (he's not a car guy): When driving along around 50-60 mph, if you try to accelerate hard the car often just starts to decelerate for a moment before accelerating again. This is more likely to occur when changing gear. What I can tell...

    Started by Trololo‎, 07-04-2017 13:57
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 104
    07-04-2017, 22:38 Go to last post
  21. Corsa c bonnet lifters

    Hi what's size bonnet lifters would I need for a corsa c .

    Started by Richard48‎, 07-04-2017 16:00
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 108
    07-04-2017, 16:04 Go to last post
  22. Revs

    Hi I need help .when my corsa c 1.4 twinport when car is at normal temperature and I'm sat with foot on brake pedal the revs start going up and I can hear a hissing noise from servo area it only does it when cars at temp.

    Started by Richard48‎, 04-04-2017 14:29
    • Replies: 4
    • Views: 126
    04-04-2017, 17:25 Go to last post
  23. 2004 CDTI Draining Coolant - Radiator Plug Location?

    The radiator plug on my diesel doesn't seem to be at the bottom left of the radiator like is suggested in lots of places. Does anyone know where it will be for my model? I found this thread from 2011 with pictures of the location but sadly the pics aren't there anymore....

    Started by ZappBrannigan‎, 01-04-2017 15:50
    • Replies: 9
    • Views: 172
    04-04-2017, 07:45 Go to last post
  24. No fault code being shown

    Hi, my 2004 1.2 has developed a sudden lack of power I used the the pedal method to read the fault codes and it came up with misfire in cylinder 4, as expected. I checked the plugs and they all seemed ok but as precaution I put them back in a different order to see if the misfire would change...

    Started by joebcorsa‎, 27-03-2017 20:03
    • Replies: 22
    • Views: 389
    03-04-2017, 15:49 Go to last post
  25. rocker cover spray

    Hi there! I need your help, I have been used green scotch brite pad to removed the sticky stuff on my rocker cover. I have applied C4 Permanent Trim Restorer on the rocker cover to try to restore to the original colour as I have left it on for 4 minutes before wipe it off. When I used the...

    Started by chris0147‎, 31-03-2017 20:56
    • Replies: 7
    • Views: 224
    02-04-2017, 14:11 Go to last post
  26. Tigra B Z18XE to replace Corsa C Z12XE

    Hi all. I have acquired two cars as above mentioned in the titel. A corsa c with a z12xe that is smoking more than my gran and a Tigra B which is being scrapped through work for lots of roof / mot issues. How difficult would it be to swap the 1.8 from the Tigra 05 plate to a 02 Plate Corsa. Am i...

    Started by mistymorningsxi+‎, 31-03-2017 20:03
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 109
    02-04-2017, 09:15 Go to last post
  27. Moved: Corsa C Z22SE fitting Guide

    Started by corsaz22se‎, 25-03-2017 08:09
    • Replies: -
    • Views: -
    25-03-2017, 10:42 Go to last post
  28. Z18XE cylinder head question

    I'd like to get the cylinder head of my 2003 Corsa 1.8 SRi (Z18XE) ported and polished and maybe an uprated cam fitted for a bit of extra bhp but I can afford the time to have my car out action so I was considering buying a second hand head gettting that worked on and then fitted to my car, my...

    Started by rlaw22‎, 19-03-2017 17:29
    • Replies: 2
    • Views: 181
    21-03-2017, 10:21 Go to last post
  29. Inner tie rods

    Which track rods do i need for a 2004 1.2 corsa? Chassis number WOLOXCF6844286114. I think its the M12x1.5 ones but want to double check. Cheers

    Started by Liam082‎, 16-03-2017 22:31
    • Replies: 7
    • Views: 178
    18-03-2017, 19:14 Go to last post
  30. Help and advice needed

    I'm after some advice and help please guys, I own a D 1.4 of which I can't get on there site for the moment, right my door strap is knackered does it matter which side or are they universal, and secondly I have a knocking noise when I turn the steering wheel please see the short video, any ideas on...

    Started by ady b‎, 17-03-2017 16:56
    • Replies: 3
    • Views: 148
    18-03-2017, 13:15 Go to last post
  31. Emissions light

    Hi I have a corsa 1.4 twinport and emissions light is on would a blowing exhaust cause it to come on .it's blowing at the flexi pipe

    Started by Richard48‎, 13-03-2017 23:02
    • Replies: 7
    • Views: 217
    15-03-2017, 08:38 Go to last post
  32. Quite loud tapping from engine?

    I don't think it's the tappets. Although it does seem to be there all the time (especially under load). But i can't help thinking it's something else. Could it be the timing chain? The car has only done 64k miles but if it's going to need a new chain i'm wondering if it's going to be time to...

    Started by Vidster‎, 14-03-2017 03:43
    • Replies: 3
    • Views: 190
    14-03-2017, 23:44 Go to last post
  33. Purge vacuum solenoid valve

    Hi I have a emissions light on my corsa c 1.4 sxi and the code says lean mixture and a purge vacuum solenoid valve malfunction has anyone had this before and are they easy to change.

    Started by Richard48‎, 11-03-2017 17:34
    • Replies: 4
    • Views: 157
    11-03-2017, 19:39 Go to last post
  34. Corsa C Saab B204 Conversion

    Just about to start this and have most the parts needed for the conversion I've been told that I need an early Mk4 Astra cable throttle pedal with the Saab Lump being cable throttle I've also being told that its not a bolt on job and needs welding on is that true as it doesn't sound a great...

    Started by vanaaken‎, 10-03-2017 10:50
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 116
    10-03-2017, 11:19 Go to last post
  35. Corsa c 1.7 CDTI exhaust comparability

    Hi all, Does anyone know if the backbox from a 1.4, 1.8 or the 1.3cdti backbox will fit on a 1.7 cdti? I want to upgrade the backbox but cant find one that suggests its for a 1.7 cdti (unless i pay silly money) Cheers!

    Started by LewisPhotiou‎, 07-03-2017 18:51
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 87
    07-03-2017, 18:51 Go to last post
  36. Misfiring under load

    As the title suggests, I have a problem with my 2006 Corsa C 1.2L Twinport Z12XEP. (It's silver, if that helps). With the help of this forum, I've kept my car running pretty well. It's regularly serviced and it's been a great car, up until the past few weeks. It had a service back in the beginning...

    Started by Rob984‎, 18-02-2017 16:50
    • Replies: 7
    • Views: 335
    06-03-2017, 08:46 Go to last post
  37. compression test query

    Hey Guys, so I did a compression test at the weekend and all 4 cylinders came out pretty much bang on 230 psi now is this good/bad/too high etc the cars been really well maintained and currently stands at 120k miles Thanks Dean

    Started by Dean_McLone‎, 22-02-2017 12:55
    • Replies: 13
    • Views: 272
    01-03-2017, 12:39 Go to last post
  38. new timing chain, huming/whine

    i bought a corsa c , it has a receipt for the timing chain being changed about 3-4000 miles ago. i dont think the engine sounds right when reved, i know the 3 cylinder engines sound different, but this is to loud. when googling i found threads saying if the sump wasnt removed before refitting...

    Started by joe67‎, 24-02-2017 17:47
    • Replies: 13
    • Views: 377
    01-03-2017, 07:40 Go to last post
  39. Corsa c not starting!

    Hey, I have a 2002 1.2 sxi corsa c , bought the car in august off a friend and it lay at his house until start of December , when I arrived to collect the car the battery was flat , I put jump leads on it with a diesel merc and it started first turn no problems , I drove it 5 mins up the road and...

    Started by Kelly1298‎, 19-02-2017 02:29
    • Replies: 8
    • Views: 261
    20-02-2017, 03:11 Go to last post
  40. Corsa C 1.2 EGR

    Hi, Does anyone know what screws/Bolts are fitted on the Corsa C 1.2 2004 EGR and can you damage the threading if you screw them too hard? Thanks

    Started by bdavies1995‎, 30-01-2017 20:22
    • Replies: 6
    • Views: 257
    17-02-2017, 21:44 Go to last post
  41. Driver side door lock not working with key, central locking or deadlock catch.

    First post so apologies in advance if I'v posted to the wrong section. I can't find a description for this particular set of symptoms in the forum. For completeness/background, Driver's side door has long since refused to lock via the key fob. However, unlocking via key fob has always worked...

    Started by duetto96‎, 16-02-2017 11:31
    • Replies: 6
    • Views: 136
    16-02-2017, 20:57 Go to last post
  42. Car rolls in gear

    Found out the otherday that my car will roll in gear (parked with engine off in 1st gear) and took hand brake off and car rolled backwards. Never heard of any cars doing this. Car drives normal and all that. Any idea whats up and can you try this on your corsa and see if it does the same?

    Started by Liam082‎, 08-02-2017 21:50
    • Replies: 3
    • Views: 147
    16-02-2017, 14:31 Go to last post
  43. 1.7 CDTI upgraded turbo?

    Hi, Has anyone upgraded the turbo on their 1.7 CDTI? If so what turbo is the most plug and play (of course a remap would be needed and a fmic)? would a turbo upgrade be worth it? only asking as i am looking to upgrade to a 1.7 CDTI Cheers

    Started by LewisPhotiou‎, 12-02-2017 20:02
    • Replies: 2
    • Views: 189
    15-02-2017, 19:59 Go to last post
  44. ? timing - I need a really logical person to help - please

    so following a Camshaft siezure I replaced the cylinder head with a reconditioned one. (Z10XEP). The engine turns over nicely but car won't start and here is where we are at : OPCOM says no DTC's found. Timing double checked and is ok fuel coming out of the Shraeder valve spark on all plugs -...

    Started by renault63‎, 18-12-2016 13:27
    2 Pages
    1 2
    • Replies: 41
    • Views: 740
    10-02-2017, 17:11 Go to last post
  45. things to check before buying a used Corsa?

    Today I went to test drive a used Corsa C today (I've been driving my dad's Corsa D but wanted my own car). I drove round the block and the engine just didn't sound right, I suspect it was the timing chain. But as I went to go up a hill I noticed the Clutch started to slip and wouldn't go into...

    Started by scottstrachann‎, 08-02-2017 10:33
    • Replies: 6
    • Views: 252
    08-02-2017, 16:38 Go to last post
  46. twinport problem

    hi, I m currently having issues with my 1.2 twinport im getting the fault P1112 port deactivation sensor voltage too high ive searched everywhere for a solution but only seem to find out info on the fault if the voltage was too low thanks in advance for any help

    Started by dannyjess‎, 29-01-2017 18:11
    • Replies: 8
    • Views: 233
    06-02-2017, 12:03 Go to last post
  47. Linkage Metal Rod Replacement Part - Removal Help

    So, I messed up and plonked one of these onto my new linkage without knowing I can and need to adjust its length by twisting the nuts and sockets. Will I be able to remove this without taking the entire new linkage out? It is on pretty solid so I'm not exactly sure how to pop the sockets off...

    Started by Lurcher‎, 01-02-2017 22:29
    • Replies: 2
    • Views: 171
    06-02-2017, 06:25 Go to last post
  48. Oil Pump Sensor - Connector Seal

    Hi All, New here, Only had my 2005 1.4 Twinport Corsa C for 3 months. I know a fair bit about cars before owning one so have done all the work needed myself thus far. My Pressure Oil Switch is leaking. Badly. I've already replaced this part and thought something was wrong last time i...

    Started by Vulpus‎, 04-02-2017 10:21
    • Replies: 3
    • Views: 179
    04-02-2017, 21:52 Go to last post
  49. Smoking alternator - has she died?

    Hey Guys, its been a while since I have been on here. but i was doing some work on the corsa (putting the interior back in) and my dad put the battery back in but did it the wrong way round and smoke started billowing out from the alternator, I quickly disconnected it and turned it round and...

    Started by Dean_McLone‎, 15-08-2016 13:04
    • Replies: 14
    • Views: 528
    02-02-2017, 17:18 Go to last post
  50. Engien Problems

    Hi Guys I was topping up my engine the other day with some oil, when I saw some grime, so I thought id try an wipe it away (inside of the engine, under the rocker cover) so I wiped it and noticed it felt quite metallic, I pushed my finger in a bit more to see what else was there, and I guess...

    Started by Abcdescott‎, 19-05-2015 14:25
    2 Pages
    1 2
    • Replies: 32
    • Views: 1,842
    02-02-2017, 11:15 Go to last post

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