Hello guys and gals,just joined today and need some help.

Basically,have a 1.4 corsa c automatic 53 reg with 63k,which had fault for throttle pedal sensor which i had changed,the eml light went of for awhile but came on next day.

Had it rediagnosed same fault light would not go off,had some one else check and said the ecu was faulty.Sent ecu off for checking and repair but no faults with the ecu were found,refitted car started, fault still there.

Then i was checking to see for loose connections could not see anything really,BUT,when i disconnected the MAP sensor the eml light went off,but the emmisons light came on,refitted it back emissons light still on,disconnected battery reconnected and eml back on emissons light off.
Checked fault codes again P1120 Accelerator pedal position sensor 1 voltage low(original fault) P1550 limp home -electronic throttle control limited performance,comes up.

Cannot reset the eml light,but car drives fine does not give any problems,but slight hesitation when you accelerate,but thats due to the tps.

Is this some sort of earth wiring problem?Am i missing something.Haven;t taken it to vauxhall,they want £80+vat for a tech2...ouch
Any help /advice would be appreciated.