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  • Mandy_Dingle ·
    i know rachel has a brother, he's in the raf to, dont think hes called sean tho, and the lad who had the black corsa could have been called sean, and i think it was phil in the corsa b! And you do what i do and post on your own wall when replying to people!!! lol! Having a difficult one this morning! sum **** has got my password or sumfink and abusing people and im getting in the **** for it!! Not happy! Ive changed my password, dunno if ill be able to remeber it now tho! lol! going back friday but we shud meet up sumtime mate!! Go and annoy sum southport chavs in their saxos lol!
    The Sim ·
    Laffin mate well in, you mates with sean houghton? has rachel judge got a younger brother? Sean? You might know my future mother in law pauline, white vectra with chrome spinners?!
    Also the lad in the 5 door purple corsa B was his name phil? one of my best mates. So you dont live in skem then just go to newburgh? Yea pemberton is just the other side of upholland atm i live just near the parade in digmoor, got a massive garage where i do things to mates cars etc..
    g2g 4 now will give ya a msg when i get back home
    Mandy_Dingle ·
    yalrite fella! i'm not in uni mate, i'm in the RAF, i based in swindon so live down there which is why i moved outa skem, if i cum home i go my mums in newburgh! i no where you mean now mate, just over the beacon that way!!

    I used to hang around with stu middleton, ash and becky foat, rachel judge n her mate vicci who had a silver clio, sum lad called sean who drove a black corsa that i think was his sisters and sum lad in a 5 dorr purple corsa b! forget his name! Used to live next door to a lad with a yellow punto and i lived with phil jenkins!! worked in matalan for a while so knew a few lads from there! first name terms tho! dya no ad stannard cuz i work with his brother phil! i'm home til friday morning if u fancy a spin to southport or sumfink!? just let me no mate
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