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  1. ICE, Electrics and Lighting
    I've got a vxr steering wheel and need help with wiring up so the horn and airbag works not bothered about the other buttons just need horn and airbag to work as not good with electrics thanks in advance
  2. Wheels, Brakes and Suspension
    Hey guys.. This might be a really stupid question but I've got steelies on my car and want to change to SXi alloys.. I'll attach a picture below. 4x100 means 4 studs I believe? And both the steelies and the SXi alloys are 4 studs. Is there anything else I should look out for in regards to the...
  3. Mechanical
    Me and my brother have been trying to fix our old Corsa sxi 03 plate. Went to replace the fuel filter (using the right tools) and the L shape connector for the fuel filter snapped clean off from the fuel line! How do we fix this problem? And is it an easy fix?
  4. Modifications and Questions
    will this pipercross air intake add any power or throttle response to my corsa c 1.4 sxi+ 2006
  5. Wheels, Brakes and Suspension
    Hello everyone, I have Corsa C 1.0 with drums at the rear wheels but soon I'll have to change them for new and I was thinking about converting the drums into disks. What actual parts I need to buy to make the conversion and how much It can cost ? I'll be doing that all by myself so I won't have...
  6. Z20LE*/Conversions
    After some help I’ve converted a 1.8 Sri shell to z20let but I now have no throttle whatsoever I’ve removed the top hat and the throttle body works once for a second when ignition is put on but then goes completely dead I had no issues before when the 1.8 engine was in so guessing either wiring...
  7. Mechanical
    Hi everyone this is my first post here. Before this I've been reading trough the forum to see if I could find a solution to the problem I've been having with my Corsa. Long story short I got my driving license about 3 weeks ago and bought a second hand Corsa C 1.0 from 2001 with 89.000 km, I...
  8. Your Corsa C
    Hi Guys I have a Corsa C and this is my 2nd Corsa C and its the 1.4 Automatic (DESIGN) one I have noticed on this one and the previous one I had its very bad on fuel. I’ll probably get 160 miles maximum from a full tank.. Is this because its an Auto? There’s no warning lights or anything and...
  9. Mechanical
    Hello guys, im new here, just bought a 2000 1.2 corsa c with 67.000 km, had oil, filters, coolant and plugs (the old ones were the original bosch, all 4 looked good brown color) replaced, Liquimoly Super HD 10w-40 + MoS2 additive. the car when running cold you can barely hear it, but as soon as...