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  1. Mechanical
    2006 CORSA C 1.2 TWINPORT SXI So bit of a long shot but i need some help. A while ago my resonator collapsed in on itself so the car was sat with the back end in the air for a few days while the exhaust was taken off and replaced. After doing this the car now won't start? If there is WD40...
  2. Mechanical
    Hi everyone, The engine (Z12XEP) in my 2006 Corsa C 1.2 Twinport is using an alarmingly high amount of oil. I'm looking for your advice. The oil dipstick goes from MAX to MIN in 250 miles. In other words: I need to add 1L after every ~200 miles. The oil I've been using is 5W30. To give you a...
  3. Mechanical
    Hi all, I need some help. I was replacing the valve cover gasket on my 2004 1.2 twinport and wen I tried to torque down the bolts I sheared two. Was able to remove from hole and now I've been left with two holes and I'm afraid to torque down any more. I set my wrench to 7nm, is this...
  4. General Chat
    Hi, not a buff like the rest of the people on here, but I will be getting rid of a 53 plate corsa c. I’m wondering if there’s any worth in an engine with 68k miles? Know some are well in the 100k now.
  5. Mechanical
    Hi I recently got a tigra with the x14xe engine and gearbox but the engine is dead I was wondering whether the engine can be swapped with the x16xe Can someone please help
  6. Mechanical
    Hi all! My 2004 1.2 Twinport corsa has started to have an issue where there is a loud rattle when I start the car up. When the engine is cold, it rattles for a few seconds then stops and the engine noise returns to normal. If I start it when it's warm, then the noise is not noticeable as it...
  7. Mechanical
    Hi all! I have a Corsa C 2004. When I start it up first in the morning the idle is a bit high (as normal) but when it settles to around 800ish rpm the needle every couple seconds drops a bit and comes back up and the engine sounds like it’s struggling a bit. Also once warmed up, restarting can...
1-7 of 7 Results