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  1. Getting rid of a corsa c

    General Chat
    Hi, not a buff like the rest of the people on here, but I will be getting rid of a 53 plate corsa c. I’m wondering if there’s any worth in an engine with 68k miles? Know some are well in the 100k now.
  2. Engine swap

    Hi I recently got a tigra with the x14xe engine and gearbox but the engine is dead I was wondering whether the engine can be swapped with the x16xe Can someone please help
  3. Corsa C Engine Rattle on Startup

    Hi all! My 2004 1.2 Twinport corsa has started to have an issue where there is a loud rattle when I start the car up. When the engine is cold, it rattles for a few seconds then stops and the engine noise returns to normal. If I start it when it's warm, then the noise is not noticeable as it...
  4. Rough Idle Issue

    Hi all! I have a Corsa C 2004. When I start it up first in the morning the idle is a bit high (as normal) but when it settles to around 800ish rpm the needle every couple seconds drops a bit and comes back up and the engine sounds like it’s struggling a bit. Also once warmed up, restarting can...