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  1. Mechanical
    Hi there everyone, new to the corsa world. I'm half in half out. I recently bought a 1L 3 cylinder, in jan. Side mirror pivot, boot lever and ecu lights, but It still drives, so not bad for 500 quid. I've just recently started doing the service on the motor because I'd noticed that the colour...
  2. Mechanical
    Hi all, I have an issue. My car is struggling to start. There is a strong crank, and it eventually gets there. Upon checking fuel pressure, it runs steady at 50psi, but drops to zero after a few seconds with the engine off. Additionally, the fuel pump isn't priming, as pressure stays at zero...
  3. Mechanical
    Due to a hard start, I tested my fuel pressure using the fuel rail schrader valve. It was low; when primed the pressure jumped slightly, and then drained. Once the engine was running, pressure was steady at about 28psi. With engine turned off, pressure drained immediately. By restricting fuel...
1-3 of 3 Results