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  1. Mechanical
    Good day everyone, So I have a 2005 Corsa C GSI 1.8 (8v) and my fuel economy is horrendous, maybe they're just not great with economy but I'm getting about 370-400km on a tank at best. Just wanted to see what you guys are getting or if I have an issue I need to sort out because fuel prices in...
  2. Your Corsa C
    Hi Guys I have a Corsa C and this is my 2nd Corsa C and its the 1.4 Automatic (DESIGN) one I have noticed on this one and the previous one I had its very bad on fuel. I’ll probably get 160 miles maximum from a full tank.. Is this because its an Auto? There’s no warning lights or anything and...
  3. Mechanical
    Due to a hard start, I tested my fuel pressure using the fuel rail schrader valve. It was low; when primed the pressure jumped slightly, and then drained. Once the engine was running, pressure was steady at about 28psi. With engine turned off, pressure drained immediately. By restricting fuel...
1-3 of 3 Results