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  1. HELP! Easytronic engine/gearbox change

    Hi all, First time posting but I've been following the site for about 6 or 7 months and it's time to post because Vauxhall themselves are of no help!! I'm currently working on a Corsa C easytronic 2006 for my partner. From what ive gathered, Easytronic is basically a manual gearbox but with an...
  2. Engine swap

    Hi I recently got a tigra with the x14xe engine and gearbox but the engine is dead I was wondering whether the engine can be swapped with the x16xe Can someone please help
  3. Help please

    So about a month ago car stopped wouldn’t start fugured it was battery got that sorted now starts but now the clutch has zero pressure but working absolutely fine right before the battery went bad. Found this in the engine and don’t know what it is don’t wanna take it garage if I can sort at...
  4. Corsa C Gearknob installation...

    I recently bought a new gear knob for my Corsa C. When I’ve went to put new one on it keeps spinning and has quite abit movement. I was just wondering if I’d need to glue it to keep it in place and which glue is best to use?
  5. Flashing light with slow or no start.

    Good morning, hoping for some help and guidance. Every time I go to start our Corsa I get a rapid flashing engine light as soon as I turn the key. Any ideas on where to start looking would be a great help.