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  1. What oil for a Corsa 1.2 Twinport 2004

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    Hello all! I have a Corsa 1.2 Twinport 2004 and am a little confused on what oil to put in. I bought half a year ago and it's due an oil change. I've been told 10w40 part synthetic but eurocar parts is intent on 5w30 fully synthetic. Which is the correct oil? Cheers in advance, Adam
  2. Can I use A3/B4 oil in a 1.2 Corsa C Petrol?

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    Hey Guys, I bought some Carlube 10W/40 semi-synthetic A3/B4 oil for my car yesterday. Normally if I buy it at the shop I don't take notice of that A3/B3/B4 rating. However, I decided to look it up and turns out that B4 is spec'd for high performance cars and B3 is for older cars? So my...