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  1. Mechanical
    Hi, My 1.8 SRI occasionally cuts out at higher speed when accelerating, loss of power but then you just need to remove your foot and touch it on again and it all comes back? Doesn’t happen all the time only seems to be when driving heavy footed. Any ideas on how to solve this? Been told it’s to...
  2. What's It Worth
    Hi I’m looking to sell my Corsa C Sri 1,8 silver. It’s done 90000 miles. Been well looked after serviced every 5000 miles. Just had the cam belt done and a massive services. It’s got a scorpion exhaust and piper cross air filter just to make it sound and drive alittle better. I was just looking...
  3. Z20LE*/Conversions
    After some help I’ve converted a 1.8 Sri shell to z20let but I now have no throttle whatsoever I’ve removed the top hat and the throttle body works once for a second when ignition is put on but then goes completely dead I had no issues before when the 1.8 engine was in so guessing either wiring...
1-3 of 3 Results