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  1. Mechanical
    Hi ya, I'm really at a loose end right now. I have a corsa d sxi 2007 diesel For roughly over a year now I keep losing my turbo, its really dangerous but I need my car so bad as I'm a community carer. My father who has been a mechanic for many years has done every think possible to my car to...
  2. Modifications and Questions
    baisically, I’m new to this Iv just got my first ever z20let corsa c and I’m wanting some advice from people as to how I want it and what’s needed etc, baisically I’m wondering what bhp is safe and what’s needed to get it around 300/350 bhp.. ie turbos etc any help would be greatly appreciated...
  3. Mechanical
    My sons Corsa C 1.3 cdti (2005 113000 miles) was getting the over boost code which pointed to a sticky wastegate on the turbo. I know the inlet manifold and egr was good as that was cleaned previously. The pressure sensor on the inlet manifold had been replaced too. The car is in good...
1-3 of 3 Results