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  1. Modifications and Questions
    baisically, I’m new to this Iv just got my first ever z20let corsa c and I’m wanting some advice from people as to how I want it and what’s needed etc, baisically I’m wondering what bhp is safe and what’s needed to get it around 300/350 bhp.. ie turbos etc any help would be greatly appreciated...
  2. Z20LE*/Conversions
    After some help I’ve converted a 1.8 Sri shell to z20let but I now have no throttle whatsoever I’ve removed the top hat and the throttle body works once for a second when ignition is put on but then goes completely dead I had no issues before when the 1.8 engine was in so guessing either wiring...
  3. Z20LE*/Conversions
    I am just on the beginning stages of doing a Z20LET conversion and noticed all the threads are from years ago so I’m just creating this thread to see if some things can be made more straight forward rather than being told 10 different ways so far I have a list together some with prices I have...
1-3 of 3 Results