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Hi all I'm not new but I'm a new member, I'm toying with the idea to put a bit more go in my corsa, before I get bombarded with the why bother lines, I want to do it....
I have a corsa c exclusiv 1.4 and it's mint,.... all the posts and info I've found on forums are from the last decade but when this engine gives up on life (140000+ miles on it) my plan is to spoon in the 1.8.
Now here's the question.. I've spotted a seller on eBay selling the full conversion ( engine, rad, looms, clocks, ecu's, gearbox,driveshafts,brakes,...the lot needed) it's a reasonable price is it as easy as take out and put the 1.8 in its place, changing looms ecu clocks key/ transponder?
I'm a semi skilled mechanic and this will be my biggest project to date, any help and advice is welcomed but please keep the negitive thoughts inside, thanks in advance ?
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