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Hi Everyone,

Was just wondering if anyone could do me a favour and do me a few shops of my motor! Sorry not the best of pics i know!

I would like medium/dark tints in the back 3 windows and a light in the front two. Also some sri rims, (wouldnt mind to see a shop of white sri rims too) :) Thinking of de rub strip too, that would be good to see also.

I know the below picture has already had a irmscher twin round shopped but would like to see the back window tinted medium or dark.

Im thinking of getting a steiny grill also, so if possible could someone have a go at putting one on?

Awful picture i know!

Ok guys, I know thats quite a lot to ask! :| Would be much appreciated if you could give some of it a go though! Feel a bit cheeky asking for all that :woops: ha

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