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I know some people will need to do this, so guide ftw?

Basically, if your wheel doesn't sit right on the hub (ie your alloy center bore is bigger than the one on the hub) or if your car shakes a bit on the motorway through the steering wheel then chances are you'll need spigot rings.

There a doddle to fit, i paid £10 for mine delivered off ebay because there quite an odd size but there usually only about £5, so well worth doing!

If your car does shake etc it can cause BAD things, scroll down for a bit of the damage its done to my hub :(

This will be very simple for most people, but it wont hurt to have a guide.

Right choose your wheel, i chose this one

Right first step, loosen the bolts on your wheel, and jack your car up.

Now remove the bolts, id suggest leaving the one at the top till last but thats just my preference

The above picture is the one showing the damage, see the lime green colour on the hub? You shouldn't be able to see that.
This was because i haven't had spigot rings, so when going over the speed bumps the hub wasn't absorbing the bumps evenly, and over time (about 500 miles in my case) this damage has happened. Luckily i noticed this when fitting my mudflaps so got it sorted straight away!

Now taketh thy spigot ring

Flip your wheel over, and the side of the spigot ring with the flanges on goes in first into the back of the wheel.

Spigot ring in!

Bang the wheel on

Can you see the 4 little white bits inside the rim? Thats the spigot ring y0! make sure you can see all 4 that way you know its in right :)

Tighten up the bolts, redo this on the other 3 wheels and your sorted! No more Vibrations at 70!
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