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I am going to offer a service
which includes spraying ( rattle can ) and wrapping ( vinyl )
and is made upon request
I Have Set Up My Own Facebook Page Aswell
Like it, Share It & Comment On It

Parts will be supplied and painted/wrapped by myself

This has been an ongoing hobby of mine really since I have passed my test therefore this is not my profession but have a good knowledge and understanding/Time & Equipment for this

I can spray/wrap exterior: Badges, roof rails, spoilers, centre caps, grills etc

I can spray/wrap interior: Full centre consoles, interior grab handles, sun visors, hazard switch covers, MFD clock, ashtrays front/back, boomerangs, Dials rings/surrounds etc

Can mirror smoke indicators like on my car (MOTpassable to)

Can make custom cup holders smoothed into fascia also like in my car

For rules sake
so PM me for any requests

The New 4D Gloss Carbon Carbon Wrap I Use Looks More Like The Real Thing

Before & After With Old 3D Carbon Wrap & New 4D Gloss Carbon Wrap

And On To Work which i have done

Some Painted Stuff

Ebay WTF`s


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looks good work , you got any pics of your spraying
stick um on ebay mate there going for silly money
cheers bud ehm i sorty started the ebay wars with corsa bits it was even on here of me sellin a facelift grill wrapped and painted for just short of £100 lol
i will try get a photo uploaded

I'm impressed good stuff, will keep you in mind!
cheers bud any time :thumbs:
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