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The wires to the air conditioning plug on my sons Corsa c 1.3 cdti were broken.
The plug was marked PED 17. This is Delphi now Aptiv.

Looking at photos on google I discovered it's a Metri-Pack 150 type plug.
A repair is not available from Vauxhall but the pins can be found on Farnell here manufacturer part no 15363934. £0.33 each

The pins are removed by removing the blue cover and pushing a small blade up under the pin to release the tab. I ground down an old jewellers screwdriver to make one. There is a small slot below the pin to insert it and then pull the wire to remove.

A crimp tool is available on amazon IWISS IWS-1424B for £18
Diagonal pliers Cutting tool Wire stripper Lineman's pliers Pliers

Don't forget to put the seals in place on the wires!
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