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I've been here, there and back again... Now that I've stopped moving around so much, I'm gonna start offering this HID Fitting Service again.

I can fit HID kits for £20 per kit. This can be done at my place in Sheffield (S11 7**), or for £0.50 per mile (one-way) I can travel to you with all the necessary tools, and fit at your home or place of work.

It takes approximately 45 minutes to fit HIDs, and it involves removing the front bumper and both the headlight units.

I am able to fit these to the dipped beams on Prefacelift*, Facelift, Angel Eye and Morette headlights.

I am also able to fit these to Fog Lights* and Full beam* headlights, although I personally would not recommend this, as the brightness will dazzle you in fog, and when flashing people using full beam, the ballast has the potential to break.

* Technically not legal, as prefacelift and full beam headlights are reflector headlights not lens projectors, but providing you realise this, I am happy to fit.

I can provide and fit standard (35w) kits for £80 each, and they are available in H1 or H7 (depending on which headlights you have) and they come in the following colours: 4.3k, 6k, 8k, 10k. I can also fit 50w slimline kits for £100 per kit, available in the same colours as the standard HID kits.

All kits I provide come with a 2 year warranty and I am able to offer a personal 90-day fix-it service if there are any problems (such as condensation) with the kits once I've fitted them.


- Greatly improve driver visibility at night due to brighter bulbs
- Use less power than standard halogen bulbs, meaning they last much longer
- Look a lot better, from white-blue to bright-white, compared to the yellow halogen bulbs.

As you will see from my feedback score on my profile, I have fitted many kits for members on here so have a lot of happy customers from when I used to do this before.

Any questions, drop me a PM.


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Alright. I'm after my hids fitting. I bought the hid kit from demon tweeks, and haven't got round to fitting them myself! How much to fit them and can you do them on a weekend?

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