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Thought I'd tidy the thread up a bit and stick up all the information on one page instead of scattered over 15...

I picked the car up on 13th September 2008, and have been modifying it from very shortly after.

Originally I created the thread after having the car for a year...

I'm very pleased with the amount of work I have got done in one year, but the car is far from finished... The interior and exterior "cosmetic" modifications are more or less complete, so now the focus for the rest of the year and 2010 will be on performance and handling, the somewhat more expensive stuff!

Ok, so here goes... I've sorted through 3GB of photos (1237 of them to be precise, and that's the ones I didn't delete!), and spent hours trying to figure out what I did, and when I did it.

Please read through it all, and then feel free to make comments and criticisms at the end. Suggestions, tips and what you think of the car.

Thanks, BEN.


After finally getting my parents to agree to loaning me the £1k I needed, I spent a week looking on AutoTrader and PistonHeads. I knew I wanted a Corsa C, I knew I wanted an SXi, and I knew I wanted it in Black Sapphire. What I didn't know was if I wanted a 1.2 or a 1.3 CDTi.

I found about 10 cars within a 50 mile radius of Sheffield, and whilst my parents were on holiday, I spent a week driving around in my dads car (using my dads fuel) to look at each of them. After five of them were in poor condition for their price, I test drove the other five. I decided on the one I wanted and went back that weekend with my dad, and bought the car.

Here it is on the forecourt the day I picked it up.

I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do to the car, but I did know that there was a lot of Irmscher stuff available for Vauxhall's, so I google searched that, and came across LMF Vauxhall, one of the best sites for the stuff (along with

Placed the first of many orders with LMF, for an Irmscher fuel flap cover, some Irmscher floor mats, and an Irmscher tax disc holder.

That used up all my money for that month, so had to wait until pay day for the next lot of mods.


A guy on here was selling tinted side repeaters for £10, so they were the first thing I bought in October.

Once again I was on LMF buying the next lot of stuff I decided on.
Irmscher door badges, door pins and the sunglasses holder, as well as the Irmscher grille, but that took a couple of weeks before I fitted it.

Aaron from City Styling came all the way up from the West Midlands after I bought a Green Cotton induction kit, he fitted that whilst Baz did one of their infamous remaps.

I had a few days off uni, so I fitted the Irmscher grille, and worked a few shifts for some extra cash.

I placed another order for a few more things, Irmscher gear stick and handbrake off CarStyleBits, and an Armster armrest and SRi lower grilles from LMF. With the last £200 of the month, I bought some Irmscher wheels off a guy on here, that was a big hassle and see next month for the full story.


The first things I bought after I got my October wages was an Irmscher spoiler and some GM Valeo flatblade wipers.

I sent the spoiler to Jamie at Sharpe Concepts which took a few days to arrive back, by which time I had also got a Civic Type R aerial, and bought an Irmscher twin-oval backbox off a member on here.

I then bought an Irmscher steering wheel off LMF, thinking I was getting an amazing bargain (£175 when the RRP is £450), and I also got the Irmscher pedals too. These were the two hardest parts to fit to date, as I rounded off the steering wheel bolt, and the drill kept slipping on the pedals when trying to fit them. I also bought an airbag sticker off LMF's eBay page, which I fitted whilst doing the steering wheel.

After waiting a week for the wheels I had bought in October, and no reply, I started wondering if I had been ripped off. After 10 days I opened a dispute via PayPal, and the seller was still not replying to PMs or emails. Finally after 2 weeks I realised I was never gonna get the wheels, but I might get my money back, so I bought some brand new wheels from LMF. Long story short, both sets of wheels (the used ones that took one month and the brand new ones that took a few days) arrived the same day, as did the Irmscher backbox.

I fitted the wheels and backbox the same day. Here's a picture with the spoiler, aerial and wheels

Next I was scouring eBay and came across a set of SXi+ half-leather seats that came out of a written off Corsa... they arrived in a HUGE pallet on the driveway the next day. I fitted the front seats that same day, however the rear seat belt bolt was stuck and wasn't shifting, so it was a long while before I fitted the rear seats. At the same time I bought some leather/alcantara gaiters, which I thought would match the half-leather fabric... I was wrong. Here it all is, with the Armster Armrest.

After seeing a few cars with them, I decided to get chrome Angel Eyes, and got a HID kit to fit at the same time.

A guy on here was splitting his car in Northampton, so I worked a trip to a friend in Birmingham into that drive... I planned on getting his colour-coded arches and sideskirts, I ended up getting his front and rear bumpers too. Fully colour-coded, with an Irmscher splitter too. Unfortunately his car was an SRi, so he needed to keep his colour-coded bumper inserts, but I once again got Sharpe Concepts to spray mine, £40 for all four.

Over the next week, I debadged and derubstripped my car, was a bit harder than I thought it would be... lots of elbow grease required to get the glue off, finally finished when it was dark.

The day after derubstripping, whilst playing 5-a-side football with my housemates in the university league, I dislocated my ankle, suffering a third degree sprain and rupturing my calcaneoufibular ligament, posterior and anterior talofibular ligaments and the posterior and anterior inferior talofibular ligaments. It looked something like this: Training/sadlerankle3.jpg, and meant I was on strictly bed rest and ice for 5 days then on crutches for 10 weeks after. Fortunately, I didn't require surgery, although that was a serious option for the first free weeks of rehabilitation. Unfortunately, I couldn't work, so whilst I carried on the modding, I didn't have as much money to spend.


Whilst lay on my bed for the vast majority of December, I spent a lot of time watching tv and scouring the internet, putting some long term plans for the car together.

I also bought a fair few mods too, and shotgunned some of the mods that Solly was selling after splitting his car.

The first thing I bought were some Heko wind deflectors, as Mattman did the last of his group buy. Graeme on here was selling some tinted rear fog lights, which I thought would finish the colour-coded look of my rear bumper.

After getting fed up of how high my car was, I bought some coilovers, deciding to get some "better" ones than the hottuning/TA Technix eBay ones. I also uprated the brakes with some Black Diamond combi discs and pads from LMF, and bought one of the E-Tech strut braces that were on offer from City Styling. Aaron also offered to fit it, along with the brakes and coilovers. Not really knowing what I was doing when it came to brakes and suspension, I thought it was better to let someone who knew what they were doing fit them. How wrong I was.

After a long drive down, with my sisters boyfriend doing the vast majority of the driving for me, we left the car with Aaron and Baz for several hours whilst they fitted it. The drive back seemed very bumpy and firm, but that's what coilovers do.

The next day, I drove across Leeds to Solly to collect and fit some of the stuff I bought. We never got round to that, as I pulled into his drive he looked curious about the noise my suspension was making... when he looked at it, he was horrified.
The rear shocks were not fitted to the top mount, only the axle, so the rear springs (which were fitted upside down) were the only thing supporting the rear of the car, and the fronts were missing the bearings and were set at different heights.
What was supposed to be an hour or two of fitting my new parts turned into four hours of sorting out CityStyling's huge bodge. FORTUNATELY the brakes were fitted ok.

Back a second day in a row to Solly to get the parts I'd bought fitted. Unfortunately, Matt's was a 1.8 SRi so it had the alarm, meaning his black headlining wouldn't fit mine, as it did not have the factory alarm. It meant I also had nowhere to wire in the Vectra Auto-Dimming Rear View Mirror to, apart from the interior light, meaning it only worked when the light was on (fail). I could have rewired it into the ignition, but that meant effort, and I never got round to doing that.
I fitted the Irmscher B-Pillar trims but had no sticky-tape to fit the Richbrook door sills. I decided to retrim my own headlining, so left the Matt Black A/B/C Pillars off to save me taking them out again when doing the headlining.

On the way back from Solly, I stopped at a garage and got them to remove my rear seat bolts which took about 5 minutes and cost a couple of quid into the guys tea & biscuit funds. A quick trip to Vauxhall for replacement bolts, and I finally had my half-leather seats in the back.


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Shortly after New Year, I persuaded Mike to sell me his 17" Corsa D SXi optional wheels. One problem, he was from Romford, and I was from Leeds and still could not drive (without a lot of pain). I managed to convince my housemate to drive me to Wigan, where Mike was picking up his new wheels. They didn't have tyres, so I had to give him my old wheels in part-ex, so he could drive home.

When I got back from Wigan, I fitted them straight away, as the car was still on axle stands, and also removed the Irmscher fuel flap as I decided, rightly so, it was an absolutely shocking mod.

A few days later, three months after buying them, my Corsa-C|UK stickers finally arrived. I fitted them the same day I dewipered my car, and fitting my newly purchased Dubmeister pressed plates. I also fitted the Richbrook Door Sills, using some sticky tape I found in the garage.

Finally after months of excruciating pain, crutches, lots of physiotherapy, and nearly two operations, I was able to walk and drive again, in ONLY moderate discomfort. This meant I could get a few things done again, the first one being going to Vauxhall and ordering a few parts.

I also met up with Solly in town, and we went to Leeds Market, and bought me some black fabric to do my roof lining. After fitting that to the headlining mid-week, we finally got that in the car, along with the black pillars on the day of the first Leeds Tunnel Run.

That next week my parts arrived in Vauxhall, Tigra Styling Parts for the Centre Console being the main one.

After setting up a poll, I decided to go for Black Angel Eyes, as the majority of people agreed they look better. I fitted them the day they arrived, which was also the same day my Irmscher leather gaiters arrived from CarStyleBits.


February was a slow month as far as mods were concerned. As soon as I was able to work again, I tried to get a lot of shifts in order to catch up. Unfortunately, this was the start of the recession affecting everybody, and as I worked in a corporate events environment, and all the businesses were not hosting corporate events, I couldn't get any shifts. I went from having sick pay covered by loss of earnings insurance, to having no money except for student loan. All I could afford this month was a £10 Vectra V6 air intake, which I fitted, cutting a hole in the bumper for it.

The rest of my parts had finally arrived in Vauxhall, a new engine cover and fuse box cover, and all the stuff required to fit a passenger under-seat tray. The engine cover and fuse box cover were sent to Jamie at Sharpe Concepts for something rather special, along with my new SRi mirrors to have the baseplates colour-coded.

MARCH 2009

By March I was getting a few £s from doing various stuff. I fitted a few grilles and HIDs etc which helped me, although wasn't as much money as I used to earn working.

Whilst looking on the forum, I found some Lenso RS5s for sale for £100. BARGAIN I thought... and bought them with the sole intention of selling them on for £200 as they were, or refurbing them and selling them on for £400 in perfect condition. What started as a quick buck turned into something that would keep me on the road.

I also bought some cheap facelift bumpers with the purpose of getting them smoothed. At one point, I had three front and two rear bumpers in my garage, which I went on to sell, keeping only the most useful, a primered rear, and an Exclusiv front.

I went to Manchester to sell one of these bumpers, and got my windows tinted in Rochdale at Empire Tints at the same time.

I also got my coilovers raised slightly by Solly, as the Corsa D wheels had been rubbing slighty.
This meant removing the coilovers and then refitting, as the adjusters on them had completely seized up. Me and Solly also spent a couple hours fitting some lovely blue silicon under the bonnet.
When refitting them, the tracking was out, and my tyres were absolutely shagged before I had a chance to get the alignment sorted.

Unfortunately, this was less than a week before The Fast Show, and I had no money to buy new tyres, so I had to borrow DannyRst's spare wheel and use my spare on the front, until I got a set of cheap 15" Irmscher wheels.

On the Thursday before TFS, my engine cover and SRi mirrors arrived back, so I got them fitted, and painted my brake calipers red after they started fading pink.

I spent the whole of the friday cleaning my car, polishing and waxing. I then decided to fit the engine and fuse box cover for a few quick photos.

APRIL 2009

April was another month with little progress... I was concentrating a lot on revising for the exams coming up in May and June.

All I bought were some Eibach Pro Kit lowering springs. After the hassle with the coilovers, the problems they had caused me, and the very harsh ride, I decided to get rid, selling them for £150, just enough to buy me a very good set of new springs. I am "Another Car Lowered By Solly"

MAY 2009

May, like April, wasn't a particularly busy month with the car, exams and revision were taking up most of my time, but I did buy some Irmscher side skirts, again sprayed by Sharpe Concepts, and I got hold of some Irmscher show plates too.


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JUNE 2009

The first week of June was the last of my exams... finished for the summer. So back onto some serious progress. I got all 4 of my arches resprayed by Sharpe Concepts, as well as the roof rails colour-coded. As a thankyou for all my custom, he sprayed my Opel badge for free.

I fitted all this the day before I detailed my car for Performance Vauxhall Show.

Having bought my Meguairs G220 Dual-Action polisher that month, I decided to test it out.

At PVS, I saw someone's car which was what I had always intended mine to be. I think Pete Fenwick must have seen my plans in a post somewhere, and beaten me to it.

Later in June, I saw an absolute bargain crop up. £1000 worth of sub and amp being sold for £300... so I drove to London and back in a day, with Tombar90 riding shotgun to pick it up. I had to bring a red bumper down for Squidge to fit to her BLACK VR6, but that's a story for her to tell...!
The sub, an MTX Thunder 9512-44 is a BEAST. Rated at 1000 Watts RMS (2000W Peak), it weighs nearly 50kg. The amp, an Alpine MRP-M1000 is suited to power it, although eventually when I have all my ICE System in the car, I will be getting a better mono amp.

JULY 2009

July saw A HELL OF A LOT of backwards progress. I put deposits down on an Irmscher rear bumper and a silver Airdam, so I sold my front and rear bumpers in order to fund these.

For two months I had an Ultra Blue prefacelift rear bumper, and various front bumpers on my car... starting off with that Exclusiv that was in my garage.

That Exclusiv was swapped a week later for the Airdam. Some Morettes came up for sale this month, as Marcus bought Leigh's Z20LET from DazzMoore and sold a few things off it. I swiped them from under Mike's nose (sorry Mike) and put a deposit on them. That week, I sold my Black Angel Eyes, in exchange for some Prefacelifts.

I decided to make my dull grey interior parts match the roof lining, so I sprayed them black, as well as doing the engine bay caps (washer fluid, coolant, oil filler).

Cheap mods are often the best, and the next one is no exception. £4.39 including VAT was what it cost to buy the Insignia washer jets, however a bit of bodging was required to fit them, as the Insignia scuttle panel is at a much greater angle than the C.

Whilst my bumper was off, I decided to polish my intercooler, since you can see it through the mesh of the airdam. The results were quite good, but it made me realise I needed a bigger one, which filled the lower grille.

Later this month, I received some interior parts back from Jamie at Sharpe Concepts, a silver MFD Dome, and some new, professionally sprayed Black Satin A/B/C pillars. No disrespect to Solly, but his were nothing in comparison to these, which he himself admitted.


I did a hell of a lot of travelling in June, July and August. I live in Leeds, but I went to London to pick up the sub and amp, then a few weeks later went back to London to pick up the Irmscher rear bumper, and went to a Bluewater meet whilst I was there. I also made a trip to Colchester, to drop off a rear bumper I was selling at Sharpe Concepts.

Then there was a trip to Kidderminster to pick up the Morettes, Portsmouth to visit my grandparents, Haywards Heath to buy a set of golf clubs off Hoops, and another trip to Colchester to drop off the Airdam and Irmscher rear bumper to be sprayed.

Unfortunately, as I didn't have a spare front bumper, I had to make do with the CCUK Bicycle of bumpers... J20N0, Pud and Smudge have all worn this bumper, as have I now. Graffiti and vandalism was originally there, courtesy of the southerners, but Solly and Tombar added to it.

At this point, I put a deposit down on something very secret, and to intruige people and keep the speculation going, I started a thread about what it could be.

Two weeks later, I'm back to Colchester to collect the freshly sprayed Airdam and Irmy rear bumper. From then on, they stayed in the house, and the car went on axle stands, for a COMPLETE clean, inside, outside and underneath.

I repainted the spare wheel well black to hide it more, repainted the calipers blue, and the disc centers silver, as well as the disc edges. It hides the rust, and looks a thousand times better. I also completely cleaned the engine bay, removing all visible rust.


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With the car having been up on axle stands for a week, and Trax several days away, I started washing the car, but from Tuesday until Thursday evening it rained and rained and rained. So I kept washing it and claying it, until FINALLY on friday it stopped raining, and I could wash it one last time to get the dirt off before machine polishing it again.

I started washing it the last time at 6am, and finished waxing it at 4am... what a very very long day that was.

The next day I refitted the wheels and lowered the car back to the ground.

So, here I am, Saturday morning, the day before Trax. Airdam is in my living room, because my Morettes are in my bedroom... the masks that Sharpe Concepts was spraying for me still hadn't arrived... they don't call them Royal Fail for nothing. The convoy was starting at 12.30pm, meaning I needed to leave my house at noon at the latest.

At 10am, someone came to me for their HIDs fitting, something I had forgotted about until the day before :|

Anyway, at 10.10am, Postman Pat comes in his van and delivers me a box... I was starting to think that I would have to put the prefacelifts back on for Trax... but fortunately not.

As soon as the HID kit was fitted, I had 20 minutes to fit the masks to the Morettes, fit the Morettes to the car, fit the Airdam to the car, fill the car with my bag and sleeping bag and tools and quick-detailing stuff, then set off to the convoy start point... only to find that Adam was going to be 30 minutes late. So I took some photos.

An absolutely awesome night in the Harvester pub that night, a few metres staggering distance from the hotel. Much alcohol was consumed, the legends that were Mike, Jamie Sharpe, Solly, Scott Gibson, Tombar90, Adam, Si, Chris_H, Leanne and the WAGs...

However, the next morning I have not felt as bad as that in YEARS. 6am I get a phone call... from one Mr (Ben) Maddness. Time to fit my secret mod. The only Corsa in the world with them...

Now before you say "Prads has some too", he retrimmed his, meaning he has retrimmed Recaro Sportster CS' seats, as opposed to Corsa VXR seats in OEM half-leather.

A few pictures of my car on the stand at Trax.

The last week, firstly because one of my headlights was out, and I still had orange indicators and yellow sidelights, I bought 2 HID kits, 2 Quad-LED sidelights and 2 Silvatec indicator bulbs.

On my way back from a meet at The Old Post Office, I got "kindly told" by a cop that one of my headlights was out, and that I had 24 hours to change it, because "If he saw me again with it out, I'd get hassle", so I fitted them all that night. The good thing is, because of the way they are, I discovered you do not need to remove the bumper to take Morettes off, you only need to loosen the two screws in the middle. I also discovered that the dipped beam bulbs and full beam bulbs in Morettes are different... why, I don't know. What that meant was I had to use the spare HID kit, which I am fitting to someone's Angel Eyes next month... so I'll have to replace that for them before then.

"Drivers point of view", with no headlights on, dipped beam (uprated HIDs, 50W 8k) on, dipped beam and full beam (normal HIDs, 35W 8k)

1st October 2009 - Update

- Irmscher door sills bought and fitted, Interior mods now completed.

- 1.8 SRi rear disc beam bought, will fit all in one go when I get the 280mm brake kit and braided hoses.

So my door sills arrived last Friday, but I was out, so had to rearrange delivery for Monday, fitted them Tuesday afternoon.

They look and fit a lot better than the Richbrook ones, and they complete the interior.

Finally arrived after rearranging delivery

Bought some new locking wheel bolts too

The old Richbrook door sills (now for sale)

The new irmscher door sills

They look better than the Richbrook ones imo, and they were also the last of the Irmscher parts to buy for the interior.

Off to Exhausts UK this weekend to get some photos of the potential new tailpipes in place, then should be booking it in for soon I hope (2nd week of October).

Off to Mid Point Garage on 10th October to get things measured up for the FMIC, so will be getting that done quite soon too I hope.

Having bought and collected the rear disc beam on Tuesday, I proceeded to dismantle it today, for the first stage of getting it ready to fit.

- Remove chopped handbrake cable
- Remove calipers
- Remove pads
- Remove carriers
- Remove discs
- Remove hubs and detatch disc shields

The beam earlier today, as it was when collected:

At first glance, the discs look well worn and rusty:

Brake hose chopped and all that's left of the handbrake cable:

Calipers removed. The one on the left has had the wire brush treatment:

Insides of the calipers. Lots of brake dust and rust and grime has built up:

Pads, if a litte rusty, have got a fair bit left in them:

The chopped handbrake cables, and a random spanner, that I didn't even use :shrug:

Top to bottom, left to right: Discs, carriers, calipers, disc shields, pads. Ready to be scrubbed then painted:

Disc edges and hub centre are very rusty, but will look like new discs once painted, trust me!

The rear beam as it is now... a little rusty, will be completely painted.

No brakes on the hubs... and those brake hoses will be replaced with braided ones:

Very rusty where the rear beam mount is... now do we replace that standard black bush with a Powerflex polyurethene bush?


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10th October 2009 - Another update.

This morning I went to MidPoint Garage near Crewe, as I am going to be getting a bigger Front Mounted Intercooler, as well as a proper remap, mapping for the FMIC too.

It looks like I will be going for the same 9 litre intercooler as used with the Corsa C Z20LET conversion... with some custom metal pipework and Samco hoses to make it all fit.

On advice, I will be getting a K&N, Pipercross or Green Cotton panel filter, going back to the airbox as opposed to an induction kit.

So after getting back, I put up a for sale thread selling the induction kit. It sold within a couple of hours, and the person came this afternoon for it fitting.

So after they left, I fitted their airbox onto mine. Came across a few issues:

Does anybody know, does the prefacelift have a different sized airbox/MAF sensor, or the CDTi, or did City Styling throw away some of the bits that I needed to refit an airbox?

First thing was to derestrict the airbox, to reduce the obstruction to airflow through the box.

Bottom ("dirty") side...



Upper ("clean") side...



The bits of plastic removed:

Problem 1. The MAF didn't fit straight onto the airbox, I think maybe there is an adapter that was on my old airbox, but Baz who fitted it threw all the old stuff away. Also, the Vectra V6 air intake doesn't have the Astra adapter, so there was a gap:

Problem 2. The blue hose was too big to fit, so I had to clamp really tightly with the jubilee clips to close the gap, but this took about 10 attempts because as the clips got tight, they pushed the MAF sensor out the hose. Eventually managed it, and used the old air intake pipe and ran it from inside the Vectra air intake to the bottom of the air box:

Problem 3. The dark. It got really dark really quickly, so I had to get out the flood light. Found a new place to hang it from :dance::


This morning I took the car into Exhausts UK for my new one.

I got a Cobra Sport Performance Exhaust system, dual-exit race tubes with 4.5"x3" Oval tailpipes.
Basically, dual-exit straight through boomsticks. The 1.3 CDTi doesn't have a middle box to start with though.

Now you might think "but it's a diesel, it'll sound like 100 tractors all chugging together". But actually, on idle, it isn't much louder than the Irmscher backbox was. When giving it some in neutral, it sounds alright. When giving it a bit of boot, particularly in 4th and 5th between 30 and 45 mph it sounds awesome, considering it's a diesel.

I stopped on the way home for a few pictures and a couple of videos, but the vids didn't come out so well as they were taken on my phone.

Got home, cleaned the soot off the exhaust and used my decent camera to take a few more.

In the videos, I know there's a fair bit of black smoke, but it is a diesel, with no middle box and no back box... so there's nothing to catch the soot, hence the smoke.

Oh, and there isn't any room on a Corsa C to go in front of, or behind, the spare wheel well... so the pipe had to go under the spare wheel well. DEFINITELY no straddling speed bumps anymore, or I'll be scraping and bashing that.

16th October 2009

I got bored this evening so thought I'd give my rear beam a lick of paint.

A coat of black hammerite on... but as the beam is in the garage, and a cold damp garage isn't the best place for wet paint to dry, I stuck the electric fires on full... 4000 watts of heat at it meant it was touch dry after half an hour.

Even after only one coat it looks a million times better, but I'm going to be putting a few coats on to hide all the rust.

17th October 2009

Got some videos on the way home today

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2nd November 2009

So here's the pictures of the 280mm brake kit. The blue caliper is for comparison, from the 1.8 rear brake which is a 240mm disc.

The calipers are huge in comparison to the ones I've got, particularly the size of the piston/pot.

Thanks to Warren G for sorting me out with the kit. Calipers/carriers are being painted blue at the moment

9th November 2009

Collected this from my parents house at the weekend. Poor quality photo cos it's my phone.

Motul RBF (Racing Brake Fluid)
Boiling points: 205°C/312°C

If I'm completely changing front and rear brakes and hoses, may as well do a full fluid change. If I'm doing a full fluid change, may as well stick some decent fluid back in.

13th November 2009


Ordered some new dials off Pew.

They look like this

Will get them fitted over the weekend.

7th December 2009

Was on the phone with Garry tonight (MotorSportWorld)

He's gonna put the order through in the morning, so watch this space.

Dials still haven't gone in yet because I've been so busy with coursework. I've got a few days after the weekend so they WILL go in then.

8th December 2009

MSW order is processed.

- Koni Damper Adjustable Sports Kit
- Goodridge Braided Brake Hoses
- Whiteline Adjustable Rear Antiroll Bar

Should be here in the next few days... big thanks to Garry for sorting me out with a truly amazing offer.

9th December 2009

Whiteline Adjustable Rear Anti-Roll Bar has arrived...

not bad considering the order only went through yesterday morning!

Goodridge braided brake hoses just knocked on my door

Koni suspension kit have arrived... 3/3 in the next day

13th December 2009


I know it's been ages since my last proper update, but hopefully this will make up for it, I think it does.

So it was a night and day of "bare achievement". It's gonna be a long read, so maybe go make a brew... apologies for the fact there aren't many photos... a lot of the work was carried out in the dark, so I didn't bother taking any as they wouldn't have come out. Anyway, enjoy...

Having bought the 1.8 rear beam what seemed like ages ago, it sat in my garage for a couple of months, gathering dust and cobwebs. The pile in the corner of the spare room got bigger and bigger too, as more things got added to it... various new bolts from Vauxhall, as well as new front droplinks, handbrake cables etc.

When down in London for Halloween, I collected a 280mm Big Brake kit off [user]Warren G[/user], which, aside from painting the calipers/carriers, sat next to the rear beam in the garage.

The intention was always to get a decent suspension set-up with a rear anti-roll bar, and fit it when doing the front brake kit and rear disc conversion...

Since I was changing all the brakes and doing a full fluid change, figured I may as well use some good brake fluid, so I got some Motul RBF 600 (racing brake fluid)... "why bother on a diesel" you ask... but I've cooked my old brakes badly before, so why not.

When the start of the month came, I got in all my holiday pay, and on Monday I made a phone call to Mr [user]MotorSportWorld[/user] aka Garry, and placed an order...

- Koni damper-adjustable sports suspension kit
- Whiteline adjustable rear anti-roll bar
- Goodridge braided brake hoses

I also was going to get Powerflex bushes... but a couple of weeks ago, this happened:

Powerflex burnt down, everything in all three of their units completely destroyed. No bushes for me then :(

The stuff I ordered on Monday was at my door on Wednesday morning... very efficient!

And so, with Saturday the first free day for both myself and The [user]Solly[/user], a date was set to fit it all.

Went round to Matt's in the evening on friday, picking up a titanium drill bit and a brake spanner on the way... and we cracked on that night, assembling the rear beam and anti-roll bar links in the garage, removing the old front brake calipers and carriers. Unfortunately the disk retaining screws had been superglued in or something... the drivers side came off eventually... but the passenger side just would not come off...

We tried undoing the screw... it rounded... we tried hammering in a bigger screw bit... it rounded even more... we tried hammering a screwdriver into it... it got pissed of and even more stubborn... we spend about one hour hammering the ******** out the disc but it just would not come off. We destroyed the screw enough that the disc had about an inch of movement, but still the bloody screw stopped it coming off the whole way. We carried on hammering, and managed to pop the driveshaft out, resulting in the driveway being covered in gearbox oil... (nasty nasty stuff). The driveshaft went back in again, and eventually we gave up at midnight and called it a night.

Up and outside by 8am and we started again at the passenger side brake. Solly's neighbour eventually got it off, tapping it, chiselling the head of the screw enough so that we could get pliers on it and finally it came out... and the brakes came off.

With the brakes off, we started fitting the new ones, and the front suspension. Fortunately I bought new droplinks as one of them literally fell apart as we undid it.

Once that was all in place we could fit the front braided lines and that was the front of the car done... onto the rear beam.

With the rear beam assembled the night before, it was a case of removing the rear shocks and springs, and then undoing the brake lines, old handbrake cable, and the two bolts that hold the beam.

It turned out to be a lot easier than we thought to get the new beam fitted... the hard part was the brake lines... the drivers side hose wouldn't come off, so we couldn't fit the braided hoses, but then for some reason the drivers side hose just did not want to go on to the brake line on the beam, and at one point, after over an hour of no luck with this brake line, I thought we would have to take it all off and stick the drums back on. EVENTUALLY, Solly's neighbour (legend, he saved the day... twice...) managed to help us out and it went on in the end.

Whilst this was happening I started to connect up the rear anti-roll bar. By the time I finished fitting the ARB droplinks, the brake line was done, and we fitted the actual bar.

With everything except the brake fluid done, we stopped for lunch at about 2pm... getting the fluid and bleeding done afterwards.

We would havebeen finished for three, but the bleeding took a little longer than expected, and we had a ****-tip of a mess to clean up too, finally done just after 4pm.

The rear beams, old and "new"

The new shock, droplink and brakes

The legend at work, drilling the hole for the braided lines

front passenger side, suspension ready to go in... note the gearbox oil on the left, where the driveshaft popped out trying to get the disc off

Fortunately not too much gearbox oil was lost... but enough to make a mess of the driveway

Connecting the braided line up on the front

The old front suspension droplink... good job I bought new ones, that ball socket fell out of the link and the rubber had disintegrated

The "DONE" box

The rear discs

Between beams

Braided hose fitted, front finished.

Anti-roll bar droplink

Spot Solly...

Anti-roll bar fitted

Rear disc, rear shock, rear ARB link

Rear anti-roll bar

Rear setup

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16th December 2009, photos under the railway arches. Didn't plan on going, so didn't clean the car, went on the way home with Solly & Tombar

24th December 2009... Christmas Eve Crash

Driving back to my parents for Christmas, got hit by a BMW whilst I was sat waiting at traffic lights.

Was a fairly slow impact (under 10 mph I think) but looks like a lot of damage, hopefully it looks worse than it is.

BMW started reversing, and I turned off engine and got out to inspect the damage. I thought he was just moving out the way of the junction, but he started driving off, and couldn't see his number plate cos of the snow.

- Passenger side Morette broken
- Airdam badly cracked on passenger side
- Bonnet bent up
- Passenger side wing bent in
- Number plate scratched and bent

It LOOKS like the wheels are both pointing the same direction, and it's drivable.

Rang the police switchboard and they said (because there were no injuries and no pedestrians involved) I had to report it in person at a police station, so off there tomorrow.

Gonna take it to a garage and see if it's panel damage (fingers crossed) or if there is chassis damage (hope not).

If it's just a case of new bumper/bonnet/wing/headlight then I'll probably not bother going through insurance, I'm fully comp, but I don't think they cover for hit and run or uninsured drivers. Guess that's goodbye to the FMIC/Remapping and Compo MOs for a few months!

Will update tomorrow with pictures and more news.

24th December 2009

Got up this morning and rang the garage where I did my work experience 6 years ago. They told me to bring it down to them so they could have a look.

Their verdict - no chassis damage, only bonnet/wing are bent, and headlight/bumper cracked.

The wing was so bent that it was resting on the centre of the tyre, so they connected a ratchet strap to it and the wall anchor point and pulled that out for me, so it's driveable now.

Only thing unroadworthy about the car is the passenger side dipped beam doesn't work. Sidelight, indicator and full beam all work, so just no driving at night until I can fix that. All my tools are in Leeds though, and I'm at my parents in Sheffield, so can't get the bumper and light off to sort them out.

Considering they sorted me out on Christmas Eve, and didn't even want any money for it, I got the garage a crate of beer as thanks... without them I'd have been stuck really.

So came back home then my mum took me to the police station to report the hit and run. The desk clerk there talked me through everything, and basically said "File this report, you HAVE to tell your insurance company, but I GUARANTEE that nothing will come of this report", he then went on to say that he can't and won't turn me away if I do want to file a report, but he finished with "If I was in your situation, I know what I'd do"

So, it's not going through insurance... my excess is £500... if the total repair cost is under £1000 then I'll work out better off, as it'll cost me more than £500 over the next few years on premium increase.

These pictures are when I got back from the garage. The gap between the bumper and wing was about four times that size before they pulled it back out.

3rd January 2010

Went outside and braved the freezing cold on New Years Eve to fix the headlights and refit the bumper, as well as pull the wing out a bit more.

Rewired the headlights, but the dipped beam still doesn't work, so I need to dismantle the lights I think, although before I do that I'll check it's not the fuse.

Everything else works though, sidelight, indicator, full beam.

Whilst the bumper was off, I decided to get rid of the crap mesh lower grilles, so they're in the bin now.

I got some pretty funny looks from people walking in the park as I was hammering the hell out of my car, but the end result is a lot lot better than it was...

The only rubbing I get on the passenger side now is going round corners, the plastic arch lining rests on the centre of the tyre tread, and it's not a sharp edge either, its the flat edge, so no worries of damage to the tyres.

So as you can see, it doesn't look great, but it doesn't drive bad...


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4th February 2010 - UPDATE

Fixing the crash damage (replacing front reinforcement bar and brackets)

Replaced the reinforcement bar and brackets today, as well as stuck on the prefacelift headlights Tombar is lending me. The reinforcement bar took a bigger hit than I first thought... the bar was bent slightly, but the bracket was the thing that took most of the damage, it was very weak where the metal had been bent, and had rusted where the paint flaked off.

Reinforcement bar and brackets removed...

Reinforcement bar, note the bend in it :\

Brackets, one on the right is the side that got hit... they're a bit bent...

New reinforcement bar on right, compared with old one

New bar fitted, and the headlights Tom lent me

Bit of black leccy tape so they don't stand out too much

Car almost looks ok again haha

6th February 2010

Received some FK rear coilover springs through from Warren, he bought my Koni springs and gave me these in part exchange.

Fitted them today...


FKs (Blue) compared with Eibachs (black)



Lower the rear a few mm more, which hopefully will reduce a bit of rubbing on the front

Oh, and picked these up the next day

Will be fitting them as they are for now.

When they need new tyres I'll get them refurbed, in dark silver probably...

or might swap these with M20NAY, who has same size but flatspokes... we'll see what happens there.

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Shock horror another set of comps. What size are these then? Should look good but evolution is gunna look tw4tful with 4 c's on the same wheels ha

Ooo glad you finally got some comps...hurry up and get them on...I wanna see what they look like in black :D
Mine are black :look:

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Where did ya get them from like been looking for another set for a while! Lol actually there's gunna be 4 cars with same wheels and 3 with same bumper and possibley 3 with morrettes haha, can't change perfection though ;)

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Where did ya get them from like been looking for another set for a while! Lol actually there's gunna be 4 cars with same wheels and 3 with same bumper and possibley 3 with morrettes haha, can't change perfection though ;)
Lad on here (Sam SRi Gud) in the Yorkshire section. His mate on here had them when I fitted HIDs for him, then Sam got hold of them.

Airdam, Morettes, MO5s... it is perfection haha

what a progress thread!!, looks spot on, alot of time and money spent well. Well done
Thanks dude

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fcuk me ben!!! still loading the pics 20 mins later haha!! :p

Great progress mate i love it!! :D

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looks epic ben!!you goin to paint the front mount black so it doesnt stand out as much?loving the whole look tho

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looks epic ben!!you goin to paint the front mount black so it doesnt stand out as much?loving the whole look tho
I polished it to see through the bumper... think I'll just clean it up again, not paint it...

I'm gonna get a bigger one eventually... sometime around summer maybe, along with the remap and custom pipework... basically the same FMIC they have on the Z20LET conversion, but with a smaller diameter in/out pipes (in order to keep the dynamic pressure up)

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It seems like there is a compomotive mania in!!!
Still not as common as a lot of wheels...

There's only around 6 sets that I know of... and they're different widths, colours, style...

GazzPark, gloss black curved spokes on a gold corsa
M20NAY, gloss black flat spokes, might be going orange, on an ultra blue corsa
Petrolhead Matt, white curved spokes, might be going yellow, on a black corsa
Me, gloss black curved spokes, will be going silver (black chrome), on a black corsa
A lad in Yorkshire, white on a red corsa
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