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I've got the morrette headlight conversion and I have fitted Ring ice blue bulbs which give it a blue tint from a certain angle, but I'm wanting something more but trying to keep it as legal as possible.

I was thinking of either blue LED's as the sidelights but my sidelights are on their own in one of the spots with the main beam so when on or even with the dipped beam on they are seperate to the main headlight, so by putting a blue LED in this would it make it illegal?

Also the dipped beam bulb is behind a special kind of lens which means you can't actually see the bulb so I was thinking of putting either a neon bulb in blue inside the light housing or a blue strobe light with a seperate switch - so that it shines through the light but only when switched on and I can still have my normal lights on when needed.

What do you think on this idea? Would I get stopped with the blue sidelight?

If you want to keep it legal dont get blue LED sidelights as they are very blue!! I had white LED side lights in mine for a few months which looked alrite but still have a bit of blue in their light!



I did get some actual blue sidelight bulbs but never really used them as they where very very blue!

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