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Changing Dash/Dials LED's

Well, Here we go:

First off remove the storage bin near the ignition (below the lightswitch)
To do this, it's easiest to reach around the back and press the two tabs in on the top! (I have big arms and can manage, therefore so can you!)

Now remove the two screws at the bottom of the lower panel. Pull gently from the bottom, and this panel can be placed in a safe place.

Next remove the screw from the underside of the steering wheel

Using a thin slotted screwdriver, undo the two clips on the front, on either side of the wheel centre

lift off the top cover

remove the two silver screws from either side of the steering wheel (just in front of the stalks)

Drop your adjustment handle and undo the screw on the front, and slide the handle off to leave the L shaped bar. Push the bar back home into the bottom of the wheel.

remove the base of the steering column cover

Now it's time to remove the housing:

Undo the two screws at the bottom

and the one at the top

pulling the top forward, lift the housing out. this is sometimes a bit tight, but it will come out.

All you have in front of you now is the clocks. remove the two screws at the bottom, lift the clip at the top centre and pull them straight out towards you.

On the back you will see four small twist out bulb holders. The bottom centre one is for your mileage readout (odometer) the other three are for general illumination.

Twist out and replace til your hearts content.

Note: LED's only work one way, once replaced, switch the light on and check they are working before refixing!

Re-fitting is the reverse of removing. It is really simple.



The finished product:

[Guide Submitted by Ka$h 2004]
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