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Changing Headunit in Corsa C

Ok, the following tutorial briefly explains the steps required to remove the standard Vauxhall double-din headunit, and replace it with an aftermarket model on pre-2005 corsa c's.

Here's our starting point:

Firstly you need to remove the 4 small grub screws located on the front of the unit in each corner - they are small allen key screws and are easily removed:

Once they are removed you will need to obtain some stereo release keys - due to the distance between the holes standard release keys will not fit. I would recommend either getting 2 sets of keys and bending them into 'L' shapes to remove, or pop to your local Vauxhall garage and get them to remove it (much easier ;) )

Once you remove the unit you will be left with the mounting cage:

This is screwed to the bulkhead using a screw with a Torx head. Unscrew this, and unclip the ISO block from the left, and aerial connection from the right, then pull the cage out:

You should now be ready to fit the fascia adaptor required to give you a standard single din slot. The fascia adaptor just clips into place - it is quite a tight fit but once it's in place it's good and secure. You can now connect the wiring loom from your new head unit to the Vauxhall loom. When connecting these, remember to either use a wiring adaptor to swap the ignition (red) and permenant(yellow) live, or change these connections on the aftermarket loom - most these days will allow you to do this:

The mounting cage from your new head unit can now be pushed into the fascia adaptor and secured. Then plug the wiring loom and aerial into the back of the head unit, and slowly slide the unit into place:

Sit back, have a play and pat yourself on the back :D

Guide writen by member of CorsaSport
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