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Hi all,

Motorfest 2013 was a success last year, and we're hoping to do it again this year, but bigger and better!

The event will span over the whole town, with both main dealers and car clubs. We had around 300 cars in attendance last year and we're aiming for 600 this time around, along with a few detailing stands and various other attractions which are yet to be confirmed.

I'll be arranging for us to have a stand this year, which we will hopefully share with VRX Online.

The organizers will be doing a show and shine this year with prizes for best in show, best stand, and best car from each stand. I reckon with the amount of interest in detailing in the midlands we should stand a really good chance of winning something!

As above the event will be held on the 28th of June (Saturday), so there's more than enough time for people to arrange time off work.

We managed to arrange a BBQ for our stand last year, so if people are interested I'll buy a couple of disposable BBQ's and if each person could bring some meat of some sort.

It really doesn't matter if your car is standard, come along and meet the rest of us and don't feel intimidated!

Postcode for the event is LE67 and we'll be looking at meeting at around 9am.

1) Jono - Dirty Derv Astra - Jono.
2) Rollini - Astra burg - Rollini
3) sexyjen - corsa - Jen
4) Ollie - fiat 500
5) jackroysxi - corsa - jack

@Rollini Could you post this in VXR Online for me please?

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Cheers mate! Don't suppose anyone on here is a dab hand with photo shop? I started a thread but nobody said they can use photo shop haha
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