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Originally had a Fiesta Zetec 1.25 but ploughed it into a lampost

Bought 1.0 Life 02 Special Edition C for £1500 in crud order in August 2009

Anyway this is what she looked like when i bought her (ignore number plates blocked)

This is her on the first day by my house :yippe:

Cheapy air filter added

Headunit fitted by myself

SXi Rear lights bought and fitted

The obvious mod to do

Things done without pics:
Changed the bulbs in the front lights because they are bad..will get pics but none at the moment.

Couldn't get up the hill because of snow under the ice :p

Problems i've had a long the way
Timing chain

Engine management on and limp mode entered
They was weird but all fixed and fault codes gone by a simple fuse fitting.

Petrol Door, someone f*cked around trying to open it

Brakes naffed but obviously no pics for that
Tried changing ciggy lighter bulb but blew out the reverse light switch. Got that sorted but now the ciggy lighter is dead including the bulb (not that i need it)
Exhaust was also pished but i replaced it with another standard one..along with a new lambda sensor

4 new wheels on and a week later i had a puncture on one (no pic)

Well as i'm worried about the paint work being faded i don't fancy doing much aesthetically but may do a rear de-badge.

If a cheap front bumper appears i may go for it.

intending to change the MFD bulbs to blue so it will match the H.U lit up

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