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Hello folks.

I have been struggling with some coolant loss for a few months now. Wasn't at first able to locate the leak, filled it up with coolant and added some coolant sealant which actually kept the reservoir steady for over a month (it drank half the reservoir through a 40 km trip once before that). I noticed the coolant loss when I changed the oil and oil filter - oil was perfectly clean without any mayo, in fact, the oil looked so fine I regretted draining it.

Now, I have noticed coolant coming out right behind the oil filter housing. Coolant loss isn't awful, almost immeasurable through the reservoir, yet noticeable around the filter housing these days. I have a friend who is a mechanic trainee and he has looked at the car at his school/workshop a couple of times now. They've done a carbon monoxide test which came out negative, a pressure test to the cooling system without any visible drips and a 60 km trip without any visible drainage. The car runs well and the relatively fresh oil still looks good, so I can't think of the head gasket being the issue.

Since the coolant is leaking from behind the oil filter housing, I would like to know if there are any coolant channels going through that housing on the 1.2 Ecotec (Z12XEP), as I have read that is a thing among other car brands and models. If that's the case, is a broken seal between the engine block and filter housing the possible culprit to my coolant leak?

Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for any replies!
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