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Good day people,

I have a very big issue. Recently, I have tried to change my water pump and after taking the old water pump off, I only detached the thermostat from it and the sensors at the top, however I did not take off the metal plate on which they sit before I threw it away. I know, silly me.

I do not know that it is called or what the part number for it is and when the new water pump came, it was missing that exact thing, yet it had a gasket for it. It looks like a metal plate that covers the hole in the water pump with 2 hex type screws and in which you screw in the sensor and the connector (pictured).
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I obviously do not have the screws anymore either. How can I find the part number for them and how can I buy/order them and from where?

I have learned my lesson to not throw anything away until the job is 100% finished. It's my first car and I have not worked on vehicles before so things skip my mind. The actual work is not hard but common sense, good practices like keeping old parts completely went over my head.

Please help, I am desperate. I cant find that part anywhere and I'm also worried about finding the right bolts there.

Thank you so much,
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