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My sons Corsa C 1.3 cdti (2005 113000 miles) was getting the over boost code which pointed to a sticky wastegate on the turbo. I know the inlet manifold and egr was good as that was cleaned previously. The pressure sensor on the inlet manifold had been replaced too.

The car is in good condition, a few years ago when he had the car from my Mum it had the leak from the bulkhead which I fixed by removing the steering column, brake servo etc an removing and resealing the plate. Plus I've recently done new wishbones and cv joints so worth doing.

UPDATE: The car starts a lot easier after the new timing chain.

I used a haynes manual and watched youtube videos before doing this,

1. I removed the front bumper so I could loosen the turbo pipes to be able to move it to get better access. I also removed the slam panel.
2. Remove air filter housing and intake pipe to turbo.
3. Disconnect water pipe from the top of the filler/filter housing and remove housing (4 bolts)
4. Remove 3 bolts securing cat to turbo and lower cat, didn't take fully off.
5. Remove turbo oil return pipe and oil supply pipes.
6. Remove 3 nuts securing turbo and remove.

at this point if its just the turbo refit but I thought most of this has to come off to do the timing chain if the sump is being removed so I continued with the chain. Note make sure the water pipe to the oil filter housing is behind the turbo outlet, if it is not it will not go back in with out removing the pipe completely!

7. Remove sump ( I fitted a new one as it was rusty, swap over sensor if fitted)
8. Support engine from below, I jacked it up on the air con pump bracket.
9. Remove left engine mount and bracket from the engine.
10. Remove brackets below diesel rail and wiring to injectors etc to gain access to the cam timing holes and remove glow plugs to make turning the engine over easier.
11. Using correct tools (I bought Sealey kit) set the timing.
12. Remove the auxiliary belt, water pump, belt tensioner and bottom crank pully.
12. Remove the crank bolt, holding the crank with a suitable holding tool or lock the crank, do not use the locking pin and remove oil the pump drive flange.
13. Remove the timing chain cover.
14. Remove all the parts you will replace in the kit, I had a BGA kit from autovaux, (I see it was a lot cheaper in ebay but I just couldn't trust it) Tensioner, chain guides, oil spray pipe.
15. Counter hold the cam sprocket and remove the bolt, remove chain and sprockets.
16. Remove old gasket and thoroughly clean everything.
17. Refit oil spray bar, right chain guide, chain and sprockets, left hand guide, tensioner (leave locking pin in)
18. Rotate sprockets and make sure everything is in place.
19. Hold cam sprocket and torque up.
20. Remove tensioner pin.
21. Put a small amount of sealer on the joins between the cam housing/head, head/block, block to.... (6 places in total) Its where there is a join that crosses the timing cover gasket.
21. Fit new oil seal in timing cover, loosely fit cover, put oil pump flange in place, tighten cover.
22. Fit new crank bolt and torque up. New torque wrench needed, mine would go high enough and didn't work on left hand threads. I also made a tool to lock the flywheel.
23. Rotate engine 2 turns, only ever rotate clockwise! if you go past the timing pin locations go around again. Go very slowly when approaching to timing locations, It's easy for the crank to go too far and the pin wont locate the cam tools still fit but the inlet one would be very tight. They need to slide in and out easily.
24. refit everything else!
25. Replace oil filter, fill with oil.
26. Fill up with antifreeze.
27. Remove fuel pump replay.
28. Crank engine until oil light goes out. I had issues here and removed the oil filter and put abut 500ml in, it disappears though.
29. Refit glow plugs and start. Do not rev the engine! Let oil circulate to make sure the turbo is getting lubricated, check for leaks. Fully warm up and test drive.

I think that's everything. I would allow 2 days for the diy mechanic like me.

refurb turbo from midland turbo £215
sump, £16
bga timing chain kit, Autovaux £90
Turbo oil pipes and various gaskets etc from Vauxhall. £140
PLUS Oil, Oil filter, air filter, Antifreeze.

Sealey locking kit £40

Tools I didn't expect to need to buy!
Torbar 300 torque wrench (60-300Nm) £90
Sealey 1/4" Torque wrench (for small bolts 5 to 25Nm) £45

Old vs new, note tensioner location. The old tensioner didn't have a spring in it....... I assume it should have.

IMG_20200621_145234.jpg IMG_20200627_125811.jpg IMG_20200627_125310.jpg

Chain, old vs New, old is longer.
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