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My EML has been on and off a couple of times recently but now it's stayed on so I managed to get my OpCom hooked up, which showed the following present error code:

P1112 - Port Deactivation Solenoid Valve Actuation Error
(08) - Present

I've had a look online and it looks like there could be a few possible solutions so I also recorded the following 'Measuring blocks information' while in idle, which I hope may help someone to point me in the right direction to get this resolved (I really hope I don't need to replace the ECU):

Battery Voltage 14.2 V
Main Relay Active
Fuel Pump Relay Active
APP Sensor 1 (Accelerator Pedal Position) 0.97 V
APP Sensor 2 (Accelerator Pedal Position) 0.49 V
Calculated Pedal Position 0 %
APP at Idle Position (Accelerator Pedal Position) Active
TP Sensor 1 (Throttle Position) 0.68 V
TP Sensor 2 (Throttle Position) 4.33 V
Calculated Throttle Position 1 %
Throttle Position Idle
Engine Speed 733 RPM
Desired Idle Speed 730 RPM
Mass Air Flow Sensor 1.31 V
Mass Air Flow Sensor 5 kg/h
Coolant Temperature 1.44 V
Coolant Temperature 73 °C
Intake Air Temperature 3.10 V
Intake Air Temperature 31 °C
Port Deactivation Position Sensor 3.7 V
A/C Information Switch (Air Conditioning) Not Programmed
A/C Pressure (Air Conditioning) 0.00 V
A/C Pressure (Air Conditioning) 0 kPa
Tank Sensor 1.92 V
Tank Sensor 24 L
Brake Switch 1 Inactive
Brake Switch 2 Inactive
Clutch Switch Not Programmed
Vehicle Speed 0 km/h
EGR Valve (Exhaust-Gas Recirculation) Inactive
EGR Position Feedback (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) 0.96 V
Fuel Tank Ventilation Valve Active
Knock Control Inactive
B1S1 O2 Sensor Heater (Bank 1 Sensor 1) Active
B1S1 O2 Sensor (Bank 1 Sensor 1) 215 mV
B1S1 Air/Fuel Ratio (Bank 1 Sensor 1) Lean
B1S2 O2 Sensor Heater (Bank 1 Sensor 2) Inactive
B1S2 O2 Sensor (Bank 1 Sensor 2) 451 mV
B1S2 Air/Fuel Ratio (Bank 1 Sensor 2) Lean
B1 Long Term Fuel Trim (Bank 1) 0 %
B1 Short Term Fuel Trim (Bank 1) 1 %
O2 Sensor Loop Closed
A/C Relay (Air Conditioning) Not Programmed
A/C Cutoff Mode (Air Conditioning) Underpressure
Cruise Control Not Programmed
Cruise Control Tip Switch Not Programmed
Vehicle Speed in Cruise Control Range Not Programmed
Malfunction Indicator (MI) Off
Service Vehicle Soon (SVS) Indicator On
Oil Pressure Underpressure
Remaining Oil Life 79 %
Engine Oil Change Warning Inactive
Ignition Status On 12V
Throttle Position PWM Servo Signal 22 %
TP Sensor 1 Learned Lower Position (Throttle Position) 0.65 V
Engine Speed 1466 RPM
Injector Time 2.9 ms
Ignition Dwell Angle 1.6 ms
Ignition Spark Angle 10.7 °CA
B1 Knock Sensor Signal (Bank 1) 0.5 mV
Knock Retard Cylinder 1 0 °CA
Knock Retard Cylinder 2 0 °CA
Knock Retard Cylinder 3 0 °CA
Knock Retard Cylinder 4 0 °CA
Normal Engine Operating Temperature Inactive
Fan Control 1 Inactive
Fan Control 2 Inactive
Fan Control 3 Inactive
Deceleration Fuel Cutoff Inactive
Vehicle Acceleration 0 m/s2
Full Load Enrichment Inactive
Catalyst Protection Enrichment (Bank 1) Inactive
ETC Limp Home Mode (Electronic Throttle Control) Inactive
Electronic Throttle Control Learn Counter 11
Vehicle Speed Pulse Not Received
Immobiliser Function Programmed Yes
Security Wait Time Inactive
BCM: Vehicle-ID is programmed (Body Control Module) Yes
Instrument: Vehicle-ID is programmed Yes
BCM: Status of Vehicle-ID (Body Control Module) Okay
Instrument: Status of Vehicle-ID Okay

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