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This ‘season finale’ brings together the finest club cars, the biggest automotive brands, and the most engaging experiences and non-stop track action on the Santa Pod Raceway. PVS continues to evolve as the premier one day performance car show to excite, educate and inspire the most influential automotive consumers in the UK.
The foundation of PVS is its massive support from car clubs throughout the UK and Europe with more than 3,500 of the best cars on display. The quality and variety on display is unrivaled, so expect an incredible turnout featuring everything from striped out track weapons to the very latest performance and tuned motors.

Club benefits
• Discounted entry tickets
• Access to the show ground to display your car
• Beat the traffic with access to the show hours before the public
• Special club offers from our official partners
• Club competitions
• An area to socialise with your friends and other club members

To be part of the amazing line up get your order in today!

Date: Sunday 7th June 2015

Place: Santa Pod Raceway

Deadline for booking: TBA

Advance Tickets:

Sunday Showing Only: £20.00 per adult as GIFT or *£21.00 if paying as GOODS to cover the fees please*.
(Excludes Camping gives Sunday Only Entry)

*please note the extra initial cost is to cover administration/postage, the further cost if paying via paypal is to cover paypal fees*

Car Passes: One needed per car being displayed on out Club Stand. (Included at no extra cost with each order)

This show is open to all Corsa-C|UK Members for PVS 2015!.
This gives everyone a chance to show with the club regardless of vehicle type.


Please include ALL your details on ordering tickets
As with every show I need username, reg, your address and site details completing when your order. I can't process your order without these details so it is important.



DEADLINE FOR PAYMENT: Paypal must be with me by MONDAY THE 11th OF MAY! There will be NO exceptions.

** Please Note: Once you have made payment, refunds will not be given **


Saturday, 6th June: Show Closed Saturday - See campsite website for details -

Saturday Camping
Camping open anytime after 9am on Saturday 7th September. See campsite website for details

Sunday, 7th June: Open 08:30 – Closes: 17:00 - Will usually be open around 7am onwards for club members entry before the public.

Sunday Entry - Show Day
The main gate will open at 07:00am on the Sunday for Club access. Then opens at 08:30am to all members of the public. So I'd like it if showing cars could aim to get there before the public get in if possible so there aren't car driving about when the public are walking around. Also gives us time to arrange car parking and wash cars!! There will be a queue on entry so give yourself more time to get on site.


Q. When will I get my tickets?
A. We only receive tickets last minute from show organisers so they get sent out to members the week before the show.

Q. Can I bring a passenger?
A. Yes just add an extra ticket to your order through the shop.

Q. What do I do with car pass?
A. When you get to the show please place your vehicle/car pass in your windscreen before entering Santa pod so the marshals can direct you to the correct position.

Q. Can I buy extra tickets on the gate?
A. Yes but will be at extra cost.

Q. Do I get a show map?
A. Show maps will be given out to you when you enter showing where our stand location is located.

Q. Will convoys be arranged to the show?
A. Check your local Regions on the forums for convoys/times going from your area on either the Saturday or Sunday.

Q. What is Show's address?
A. PVS takes place at santa pod

Q. What is Campsite's address?
A. By Road - SAT NAV - You must use the postcode TN16 3AG

Q. Can I bring pets, etc?
A. No pets, glass bottles and unlicensed motor vehicles allowed on site.

General Show FAQ's -

Official Show Details -

Any questions please ask before ordering!!


list of people going

1) JDHOPEY...............1 car pass & 2 adult
2) BangTidy_51...........1 car pass & 2 adult
3) pass & adult
4) Danny_2014.......... 1 car pass & 3 adults
5) stevedur18-sri........1 car pass & 1 adult
6) sxicho....................1 car pass & 2 adults
7) jennab1993............1 car pass & 2 adults
8) Boothspeed............1 car pass & 2 adult

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Yea just post on here if you 100% want to go

I don't want any maybes etc

I will start taking payments as soon as we reach 10 cars as that's the minimum they allow to have a stand

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ok have added a list to the original post, can you please state how many car passes & adult tickets you need in the below posts please

as soon as we get to 10 i will start taking payments

i have also posted on the facebook pages as well

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should say santa pod have edited it now & see answer

have updated the list
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