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Do you think the Smart car looks good?

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I votes yes, coz I think they look quite funky!! Had great fun in one around Millbrook race circuit + high speed bowl last summer!! :D

Well when I saw around the "high speed" bowl it would only do 89mph!! It's limited I think - was screaming its tits off at 89mph!! Funny though!

Saying all that probs couldn't put up with one for my day to day car as they are very very small!

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I like them ALOT, you can modify it so much,

Carbon Fibre K&N airfilter
Dump Valve
Magnex Exhaust
18" alloys at the back and 17" alloys on the front.

probably sounds like a mini cossie when its all modded.

with all that and a remap of the ECU and you get more ponnies under the bonnet than a standard 1.2 Corsa C........Scary.
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