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Hello everyone,

I'll cut to the chase. Basically 2 months ago I opted to replace my offside Driveshaft with a J&R one because the CV boots were split and I was having a hard time hammering the CV joint off in order to slide the new boot on.

A few months on I've come to realise that my nearside Driveshaft (the original 15yo OEM one) is making noises akin to the sound of (what I can only presume to be) the bearings not being fully engaged for a split second. All I recall from when I replaced the offside Driveshaft is that 100-150ml of red clear transmission/gearbox fluid came out. Due to my inexperience on working with cars I refused to touch it incase I made matters worst.

Is the lower transmission/gearbox fluid the causation of the noise? Or is it simply because the bearings on the original Driveshaft are very worn?

Due to Covid-19 I've become jobless, so I also want to know how long I can drive the car safely without having to make the repair.

Any and all advice/tips will be appreciated. I send you my sincere thanks in advance.
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