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As a few people keep asking about this I thought I would post a new thread with instructions.

Afraid I haven't got any pictures to show the results as I don't take any photos of my clean car as it's just the same car week in, week out :lol:


1. Cover up all electric bits, air intake and any other bits you think need to be covered

2. Spray autoglym engine and machine cleaner (or another product of your choice) everywhere in the engine bay. Or just the points you want cleaning ie.the underneath of the bonnet/just the main engine block,

3. Agigtate with stiff brush. A paintbrush is a good brush but mask over the metal part so it doesn't cause damage.

4. Allow cleaner to soak for 5 minutes then blast off with hosepipe/jetwash

5. Spray autoglym vinyl and rubber care (or another vinyl dressing product of your choice) on the plastics/pipes/hoses etc etc

6. Allow to dry for about 15 minutes then start the engine and run it for about 5/10 mins.

7. Stand back and admire.

Points to remember:
  • If your using a jetwash/pressure washer DO NOT use the full force of the jet, allow the "spray" to do the work.
  • Do not use loads of water near the battery/ECU area or blast obvious areas which will be prone to damage such as visible wiring connections.
  • Cleaning the engine bay will not harm the engine if it is done properly.
  • Always wash the engine bay with the engine switched OFF as it prevents any condensation being created inside enclosed areas, ie fusebox.
  • A good idea is to wash the front bumper and wings and leave the shampoo in place to stop any degreaser damaging your paintwork.
  • Make sure the engine bay is the first job on your list to allow maximum drying time before re-starting the engine.
As we are now living in a "sue sue sue" world I will not be held responsible for any damage that is caused to yourself or your motor vehicle.

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