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What you have described it sounds like the previous owner did not do the job properly as he did not know what he was doing. If I were you I would let the professional to do the job, but if you cant afford it I would go on YouTube to start from stretch. If the tooth is missing then it most likely it have cause damage. You will need to replace it.

What top halves of the timing grooves had broken off? Please show me the picture as I cant see anything in the pictures.

Yes, you'll need to buy new bolts for the camshaft as you can't use the old one. It sounds like to me the previous owner must have took out the cylinder head to replace the head gasket and put it back on using with the old bolts. He dont know what he was doing when he was working on it. I guess he haven't tight up the bolts in the correct order by start on the middle, right, left, right, left and so on.

Just like this:

If you see the pictures you will know what I mean. He must not have used the torque wrench to tight up the bolts. I hope he have put the main bearing with correct orders that have the numbers on the main bearings otherwise you will have a problem.

There's no way round to fix the timing chain, the only way you can do is fix the main bearings that holds on the camshaft, then you can go further. What you will need to do is buy new bolts for the camshaft, remove the old bolts from the main bearings and throw the old ones away. Make sure the main bearings sit on the cylinder head before you put the new bolts on. Put the new bolts on the main bearings and tight the bolts up, but not too tight. If you tight the main bearing without following the guide that I show you the screenshot, you will cracks the main bearings!!!!

When you put the new bolts on the main bearing and slightly tight them up. Use torque wrench, set the torque in the correct settings that tell you by the haynes book. Tight the bolts up on the middle of the camshaft until you can feels the clicks noise, thats means it is enough and you don't need to tight up anymore. Do the same for the other bolts. In that way you wont break the main bearings so you will be fine.

When you done this, you can start to lock the camshaft. Remove the bolts and the spockers, put new spockers on with the new bolts. Set the timing marks in the correct levels. Make sure the bottom gear is in the correct marks level, then put the new timing chain on it and put the rail tension then tight up the bolts.

Have a look on YouTube and see how the other guys did it. If you follow it it is very easy for you to do it and you can't go wrong.
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