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Hey all. I have an 05 Corsa C 1.0 12V Life and have had some problems with it running rough for a while.

The engine emissions warning light was coming on quite often a few months back and it was going into limp mode. The fault codes I had were:

P0300 Misfire Unidentified Cylinder Detected B-21
P0303 Cylinder 3 Misfire Detected B-22

I put in 3 new spark plugs and it seemed to sort it, but after a month or so the engine emissions warning light came on for a few mins then went off. It came on a couple more times since then but over the last few days it comes on all the time and the car struggles and runs really rough when its on.

I've done the pedal trick this morning and got those same 2 fault codes again.

Any ideas on how to sort this? :sick:
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