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This tutorial will guide you through fitting Irmscher Door Pins to either a 3dr or 5dr Corsa in minutes - without taking the door cards off of the car.

Step 1:

Remove the original door pins.
*image needs replacement*

To do this, prize the orange plastic cover off of the door pin by levering it out with a thinly-tipped scrwdriver or a knife. Once this moves, hook it out completely from the top using the edge of the screwdriver / knife.

Once this is removed the pin itself will simply lift out revealing the rod it was on.

*image needs replacement*

Step 2:

Fitting New Door Pins

Place the Irmscher pin onto the rod and press down as much as possible without actually locking the doors to seat the pin properly. The hole for the grub screw should now be just above the door card.

Screw in the grub screw tightly (opening the window at this point gives you further movement on the allen key)

*image needs replacement*

Repeat for any other doors.
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