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Fitting Irmscher Front Grill (Facelift)

Fitting the grill took me around 1 hour though much of this time was due to being very over the top in terms of getting everything perfect.

The Irmsher instructions make the whole process appear much more difficult than it actually is, they did begin to make sense as the work progressed.

Id advise to use this guide to back up the instructions given, the instructions have all the dimensions you may need to refer to such as drill bit sizes though this guide is written in the exact order in which I carried out the work. good luck!

How To...

Step 1
Cut out all horizontal and vertical bars below the crome strip using a hacksaw blade making sure they are cut flush to the flat lower surfaces of the grill located at the bottom and sides. Take care not to clip the paint work as the blade will be mm's away!

Step 2
You now need to cut along the top of the old grill (left to right direction). You are aiming to leave a small lip for the top of the Irmsher grill to be fixed and bonded to, measure and mark 20mm from the back towards the front of the car on the 'flat' surface. Repeat this all along the top and join the marks to create the line needed to cut which will give you your 20mm 'lip'.

Step 3
Now cut along this line (I used a cordless circular saw which made short work of it!) Now you need to cut either side of the crome 'v' strip towards the 2omm lip which will enable you to lift out the old grill. Tidy up any raggy cuts and file flush any knobbles of remaing horizontal and vertical bars.

Step 4
Offer up the flat strip provided with the grill and line up accordingly, mark any fixing points using a pencil and drill these points. (Take time to get this perfect as this is critical to the quality of the finish!) Key up (Sand) and Clean up the surface you just drilled (The lower part of old grill still attached to bumper) using the cleaner supplied. Now use the bonding adhesive provided and bond the strip in place and add the push rivets to secure.

Step 5
Try the grill in. You will notice that it will not sit properly this is because of two things, first you need to cut out the rounded section located at the center of the 20mm lip and 'notch' out four areas where you can see the back of the vertical bars of the grill hitting the 20mm lip. Place the grill into position and drill four holes for the upper push rivets (Ideally 10mm from the back of the Irmsher grill towards the front, 40mm in at each side and the other two centrally spaced in the middle).

Step 6
Home run..... Now 'Key' the 20mm lip and add the adhesive to this area drop the grill back in and add the push rivets. Done!

[Guide submitted by Richie]
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