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just fitted my irmy spoiler and decided to make a tutorial for the people who are looking to attempt this

if it is good enough could a mod move this to the tutorial section

tools needed
white sprit
star fitting bits
studend card (or any other card)
cuppa tea (optional)

Step 1

lift you boot up and locate the 4 star fitting screws

2 there and there is another 2 each side

Step 2
the spoiler should be loose but will not come off so you need to use abit of force and pull it off. take your time because it is held on by double sided tape which is very strong. once off should look like this

Step 3
you need to remove the stick stuff and the dirt so i used white sprit, rag and my studend card from 2008 which i found:lol: (new it would come in handy one day)
takes along time to remove it all. when done should look like this

Step 4
push the new washer jet onto the pipe

Step 5
You will need a file for this part so i popped down to B&Q (were i work) to get one £4.98 and i got 20% off :yippe:
file about 2mm both sides so the washer jet fits in word of warning do bit at a time when filing because if you go too big the washer jet will fall out
should look like this once fitted

Step 6
offer the spoiler up to see where it fits so you know where to apply the tape like so

Step 7
apply the tape and the rubber washer things which are supplied

Step 8
line the spoiler up on your boot and press down

Step 9
lift the boot up again and tighten the screws which you took out n step 1
then your done

Step 10
stand back and edmire your handy work

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