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Fitting SRi Lower Grill (Pre-facelift)

I fitted mine with out taking bumper off just jacked the front end of the car up. But it is alot easier if you take the front bumper off.

To get front bumper off, uncrew the screws at the top of the V-Grill under the bonnet, then the screws under the archs (show in pic below)

And I think there might be a screw in the wheel arch somewhere too.

Full Front Bumper Removal Guide (Click Here)

Fitting SRi Grill:
First think you need to do it un-screw the fog lights from the sxi grill using a Torx screw driver (think its either T20 or T25) then when you have un-screwed all the screws from the grill you need to un-clip the grill from the bumper. The sxi grill will un-clip with a bit of pulling and pushing. At each end of the grill there will be a few clips which have been heated welded on so when you pull these off they will snap off (takes quite a bit of pressure to snap them off)

The new grill will then just clip back into the bumper using the same clips as the sxi one did. So just clip the sri one into place. At each end of the sri grill it won't clip on properly as you snapped the clips when taking off the sxi grill.

Mine doesn't clip on at each end too well, but you can just glue the end to stop the small gap appearing like on mine (see pix below).

Then screw you fog light back in and with all the screw you took out and re-fit your bumper properly.

Job Done.

Finished job should look like this:

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