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Hi there everyone, new to the corsa world. I'm half in half out.

I recently bought a 1L 3 cylinder, in jan.

Side mirror pivot, boot lever and ecu lights, but It still drives, so not bad for 500 quid.

I've just recently started doing the service on the motor because I'd noticed that the colour of my oil was disturbingly crusty and very dark.

Going on, I went to change the oil filter to find that the sump plug is cross threaded and just keeps spinning, couldn't get it off so quick temporary fix was to tighten it back up with a pit of ptfe tape, and filled the new oil up. Any ideas or solutions for this??

Secondly (as seen in photo) went 9n to change the fuel filter:

As you can see it doesn't look like it had been changed probably since 2005, quite dangerous aswell because there was a slight leak which would have obviously lacked fuel pressure and also emptied the tank quicker.

Took me a while to remove due to the clog in rust on the elbow side (boot side)

As I've gone to put the new one on, I have cracked the black clip that the filter goes into and now the filter won't 'click back in.


Just went and spoke to my friend (mechanic).
He said the best thing to do is cut the female clip off and insert the filter into a skinner pipe and secure with a jubilee.

Any ideas?

I'm here all day.

Obviously I've bought a knacker, but it was only supposed to be for 12 miles work drive a day.

Cheers in advance

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The best way to fix both faults would be to find used parts from a breaker, new fuel line to filter (I see also the filter holder is broken?) and a new sump. I would get a brand new sump plug and seal ring as they are only a few ££ from the dealer. You will also need a new sump gasket and down pipe exhaust gasket.

You could chop the fitting off of the fuel line and fit a rubber hose with jubilee clips as a temporary fix, We do similar when we fit bigger engines to the Corsa C as we need a 3rd fuel line from engine to tank. When you cut the fuel line be sure you leave the inner part inside the hose on the car so the rubber hose when tightened does not crimp/squash the fuel line.
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