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Before you all think that im being lazy im not, im just getting annoyed at not being able to find any wheels i like. Thought maybe some input from others might help me out.

Conditions are that they must
  • be 17's
  • be silver alloys (no chrome / black)
  • suit a silver sri
  • have no rubbing with 30mm drop
  • be within £400 price +/- £25 (cheaper the better like always!)
  • be easy to clean as im lazy :D
Wanted oz titans (but they apparently rub, cant be doing with that), quite like Dezent Type E's (Rimstyle offer) but heard not so great things etc etc......

Need to order at the end of the month!

Thanks ever so much for any ideas! :D


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What about these??

they're 17's
cheap around 420 i think when i got them, think they on special offer on
Wolfrace Toxin's

Just thought id drop an idea
i love them on my black 1's and i reckon they would suit a silver 1 great!

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