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as i was getting the center console out today i thought about making a guide for a fan overide switch

i wanted to make it look better so while i had the cig lighter out i drilled a hole for the switch to sit in

now for wiring i did a quick sketch

quick wiring guide

black is + positive
brown is - negative

if the colours dont match follow one of the wires it should lead you to the earth near the fuse box

i got the 20amp fuse off ebay for less than £5

and got the wire connections from a local electrical place for about £1

i did use these but they were ****,r:25,s:40,i:280&tx=103&ty=26

so used theses,r:1,s:0,i:73&tx=110&ty=45

the other way is threw a relay see below

ps i did it the 1st way for over 2 years now and the car hasnt set on fire

thanks for looking

ps i hold no responsibility if you try this on your own car and you mess it up but this is how i did mine above

pps please move if its in the wrong section

cheers kev
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