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guide removing refitting corsa c steering wheel vauxhall to opel and visa versa



tools you will need

vauxhall or opel airbag
10mm spanner
t30 torx
flexable bar to take t30 torx
ratchet (mines orange)

time taken 20 mins max

1) disconnect negative on battery and wait 10-15 mins

2) grab the t30 torx and flexable bar and undo the two bolts ether side of the steering wheel note might be easyier to turn the steering wheel up side down to get to the passenger side and pull towards you

3) pull the yellow clip up and out of the way and pull the blue connection up and out of the way

5) remove old air bag and swap over then do everything in reverse order

thanks for looking

ps i hold no responsibility if you try this on your own car and you mess it up but this is how i did mine above

pps please move if its in the wrong section

cheers kev
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