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Hi All,

Just joined the forum and hoping for some help resolving an issue with my Son's 2002 1.0 Life.

We have just replaced the timing chain and head gasket after the previous chain snapped. Did the head gasket at the same time as i wanted to check that the pistons and valves were all okay which they are. All sealing well and compression is fine too.

Having put everything back together, the car turns over but won't start. It's giving the following codes but I can't work out why:

P0201, P0202 & P0203 which are all injector faults. However they all look okay and I doubt that 3 injectors would fail at the exact same time so far we have checked the following:

Fuel relay is fine
ECU relay is fine
Fuel pump is fine
All fuses are fine
Injectors are fine, each reading above 10V and delivering petrol
Spark plugs are fine and giving a good spark (even replaced to be on the safe side)
All connections are correct and secure
ECU is grounded (even added new ground and cleaned up old one to be on the safe side)
Throttle body responds to accelerator pedal and opens when pressed (although it does click sometimes) and it is drawing air in well.
Good battery

We also drained the old fuel and replaced it with new as the car has been sitting for 3 years now when the timing chain snapped.

Spent days on it now trying to work out what the problem can be. It's getting fuel, we have a spark and we have air!

It's not an immobiliser issue I don't think as the spanner light comes on but doesn't flash.

If anyone can offer any other suggestions I would really appreciate it as we are stumped and I cannot work out why we are getting the injector errors. Prior to the timing chain failure it was a good reliable car which started and ran with no problems.


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That would be the 1st car I hear that pistons did not hit the valves. Allow me to doubt this very very much.
So lets put the facts on the table:
  • cyl 1 compression how much
  • cyl 2 compression how much
  • cyl 3 compression how much
  • fuel pressure how much
  • last time fuel filter's been changed
P0201 to P0203 are triggered when on the ECU injector output, +12V is not detected during the ignition on event. Warning: do not put yourself +12V on it as you will burn out the ecu igbt output.
So these errors might be caused by: engine relay not being supplied with +12V, or engine ecu not grounding the ecu relay coil, wiring, plugs, injectors.

You say it is getting fuel, let me tell you something, with P0201 to P0203, you get 0 grams of fuel in the engine, so something is not right here.

Have you confirmed that the exhaust cat, pipes, backbox, middlebox are not plugged?
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